LEGEND Multimedia Deploys Municipal Wi-Fi hotspot in Abuja

A multimedia serve brand, LEGEND, has deployed a municipal Wi-Fi net­work in the Federal Capital Ter­ritory (FCT) to join over 100 cities across the world.
In a statement released yesterday in Abuja, by the Chief Marketing officer, Gabriel Gab-Umoden, A Wi-Fi hotspot is a location with Wi-Fi access available to the public on a paid or free ba­sis. A Municipal Wi-Fi network is a chain of hotspots connected through a wired or wireless backhaul system using a cluster of Wireless Access Points (APs).
“Public services such as CCTV security systems, access to emergency services and on­line city directories can ride on the back of a municipal Wi-Fi network, ensuring the security and safety of citizens.”
“Wi-Fi access can range from free to as low as N3,400 per month, for unlimited access, any time of the day. This repre­sents significant value for mon­ey and relieves the citizens from huge monthly Internet Service Provider fees.”
“With such a widespread network, citizens can now have ubiquitous access to a high quality, affordable network and can be more flexible in their subscription plans, not having to tie themselves down to bulky contracts / monthly service fees.”


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