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Every fan of architectural art will be delighted to visit the Ibrahim Babangida mansion. Its construction began in 1991 and lasted for several years. It is located on a small hill near David Mark Road (Minna).

Ibrahim Babangida mansion - Exterior

The main thing is to have enough patience:

● To see the magnificent structure, sometimes people have to wait for hours or even days.

● You can talk with other waiting guests and get to know each other.. There will be plenty of time for this. But the result is worth it! You will be impressed.

General Ibrahim Babangida mansion

● Do not forget to eat before going to Ibrahim Babangida house in Minna. Otherwise, after a long wait, others will be perceived as meat, not as human beings. Stock up on a few snacks and a lot of water.

The path to the house is very smooth. Nearby is the Abubakar mansion. Including the Babangida house, these are the only two buildings in this area. This place is under serious protection. It’s difficult for a simple passer-by to stick his nose into the life of Nigeria’s former Military President.

Delightful beauty is everywhere!

In the mansion, you will enjoy the dazzling view of luxury. Everything here shines with greatness and wealth. There are many beautiful rooms for high-ranking guests. They are entertained, treated with tasty meals and refined drinks.

Ibrahim Babangida mansion in Minna

Ibrahim Babangida mansion - stairs

You just have to agree with the fact that General Ibrahim Babangida has a great aesthetic taste. Every feature inside the building and next to it is perfect. You will find yourself impressed with the unusual designs and style. Only the expert builders and designers were hired to create and decorate this mansion. We can clearly see that it took true architectural pros to pull this off.

Ibrahim Babangida mansion

When you look at the furniture, walls, ceiling, elements of the interior, and even the walls, you cannot help but marvel at the brightness and beauty. Everything here is strong and elegant. There are a number of golden detail strewn around the house.. It’s like a real royal palace. It is the kind of home where one can easily forget the stress and struggles that are going on outside.

IBB mansion

Look at these magnificent chandeliers and chairs. Everything here is just glowing. We bet that every single visitor in this home simply love around in awe.

One of the bedrooms in Ibrahim Babangida mansion

IBB mansion

Look at this delightful combination of colors. The rich burgundy perfectly blends in with the white walls, creating a magnificent effect. Just looking at the photo, you cannot help but want to sit in a soft armchair and put your feet on the padded stool. It’s hard to walk past such elegant furniture and not touch it.

Ibrahim Babangida mansion - bathroom

After a hard day, it’s nice to relax in the bathroom and let the stress melt away. This is exactly what this place is built to do.

IBB house

This home is great for tourist but also a very amazing place to relax.

Ibrahim Babangida mansion - pool

Ibrahim Babangida mansion - swimming pool

The garden and surrounding are also very beautiful. It is created for long walks and deep meditation. The quiet rustle of palm leaves and glare on the water bring peace and reverence to the soul. A large number of interesting plants creates the impression that you are in a garden of Eden. We can clearly see that they are being cut and taken care of – not a single extra leaf or twig.

After taking a tour of this great house, you realize that waiting was really worth it. After returning to the city everything seems somehow simple and primitive. This is one experience that will always be remembered. So, you cannot help but envy Ibrahim Babangida and praise his sense of beauty.


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