Real Madrid Wouldn’t Sell Ronaldo For his Weight in Gold


Real Madrid would not sell Cristiano Ronaldo for “his weight in gold”, insists club president Florentio Perez.

The Portuguese forward sparked exit talk this summer when it was reported that he wanted out of the Santiago Bernabeu after being accused of tax fraud by Spanish authorities.  


Speculation dragged on through the Confederations Cup, until Ronaldo appeared to put an end to the rumours by stating a desire to compete for more major honours with Real. The former Manchester United star then declared at his tax trail that he wanted to return to England at some stage, fanning the transfer flames once more.  


Real, though, have never had any intention of parting with the the club’s record goalscorer – with Perez telling fans in Italy, “Sell Cristiano? Never. I wouldn’t sell Cristiano if they paid his weight in gold. Only the great players bring in great fees.”


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