5 Simple Ways To Make Your Teens Do House Chores Without Nagging


It’s still few days to school resumption, does your child hate to help out around the house or you don’t want them to because you are a super woman? Allowing your teens do these is not only to have them help out but to coach, teach, and support them in gaining independence so they can become responsible adults. Here are few tips to help you out without stress:

Do not Nag. Instead of nagging, show and tell. You will have a much better chance of getting your teen on board easily. Shouting will make your child’s behaviour worse, make them less responsible and less motivated.

Make a chore chart. Let it rotate so as not to get them stuck with one job. Rotating the chores will also help them to master all chores without telling you ”I don’t know how to do the laundry” etc. It is also important to reward the completion of their tasks.

Do not expect them to be perfect. Don’t criticise their efforts and don’t expect perfection, your teens will probably never do the chore exactly as you would, but it is so important for them to have the regular opportunity to try. Not only does it ease your daily burden, it teaches them responsibility.

Don’t give up. If you have teens that give you a hard time about helping around the house, please don’t give up. Orientate them and let them know why it is important that they start helping with chores such as cleaning the rooms, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, helping out in the kitchen, cooking.

While growing up, we all know in my house that every Saturday morning is for cleaning. You must wash all your dirty clothes including your school uniform, clean and dust every corner of the house before thinking of having your breakfast. Before we know it, we all get used to that weekend cleaning, even without supervision.

Lastly, be his/her role model. You cant get up from bed by 7 am in the morning and expect your children to get up by 6 am. Leading by example is one of the most effective ways of teaching.


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