7 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Kiss More Often


Who doesn’t love to kiss, especially when you have someone you love dearly to smooch with? Kissing is fun, emotional, s3xy and a great way to make a blabbermouth finally shut up. Kissing is not only beautiful, romantic, sensual, loving and fun but it also comes with some great health benefits, emotional and physical.

A kiss alone can speak volumes! Bet you never knew that a good kiss could reduce stress, burn calories, tighten skin and maybe even prevent sickness on the daily.

But, do you know of the health benefits it can cause to you? A Kiss a day can keep the doctor away.

Reduces your blood pressure: for people who are constantly stressed out and watching their bp, did you know that a nice soft kiss can dilate your blood vessels and thus, reduce your blood pressure? Well, now you do.

Burn calories: Ever notice how a steamy make-out session may have you out of breath and perspiring just a little? Those are the calories (between 8-16 calories).

Tone your facial muscles: If you put any muscle to work, it will yield results. All that head movement amounts to something.

Relieves cramps and headaches: Try it out, the next time you have a headache, migraine or cramps, kiss a special someone and see if the pain goes away. Works like charm.

‘Happy Hormones’ (Serotonin): If you are someone that works out regularly then you know what they are. Just like working out, kissing causes the body to release ‘Serotonin’- which has been called the ‘Happy hormone’ because it keeps an individual in a much better mood, regardless of the situation.

Lowers stress: Of course. You’re going to be happier so naturally you will also feel less stressed. Can you imagine if we kissed all the time all day every day? We would never be stressed and the world would be a happier place to be.

It cheers you up when you’re having a not-so-happy day: There are days when we feel low and unloved without any specific reason, so now you know what to do to drive such feelings away? *wink*


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