A Short prayer request

(Elijah’s Prayer)
“O Lord, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel, let it be seen this day that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant, and that I have done all these things by your order.
Give me an answer, O Lord, give me an answer, so that this people may see that you are God, and that you have made their hearts come back again”.

1 Kings 18:36-37, (BBE)

If you prayed this prayer with all your heart be rest assured that your prayer has been answered,prayer is talking to God and God talking to very attentive because God is ready to speak to you.

We will be praying for everyone who has submitted a request.your life will never be the same.You will be ten times greater than your yesterday.

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  1. pray for me for wisdom a eye that’s see throw peoples heart and give me onderskeidingsgees please pray for another job and financial breakthrough please MEN OF GOD AMEN

    • As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you, I see favor from God and i see more spiritual attacks,sorrows,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding you for prayers and counselling add +2348105194566 on whatsapp and i will talk to you live

      • Hi Pastor,pls pray for me for all things that troubles my life,financial breakthrough,healing,deliverance ,marriage,open the doors for me in Jesus mighty name i pray..

      • Man of God pray for myself and my fiance to get married before the end of this year as we have planned for financial breakthrough and my truck business that may u be the Tyres of that truck and the contract im expecting locate that truck now long lasting and heavily paid in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

      • +256773359147, i need wealth i need a good job so that i can be able to pay bills for my people, i need to see clearly where am going. Ugandan

      • Praise God,i need money for building our house and buying a survey equipment.I also pray for my husband’s salary arrears to be paid and a better job for him

        • I am Praying for at least a Partime Job, I have been retired since 2014. I have very little monies to fall back on. Please Pray for a Financial Increase. Once I get my monthly checks, after I pay bills, their is not enough monies left over, to make it into the following month. I still have to buy Food, pay Electric bills, when you go to Doctor theirs Co=pays sometimes, gas for car etc.
          Also I live alone and not much family in this time, being home all day everyday, can get Overwhelming. I am A Christian and Attend church regularly Thanking you in advance for your Prayers

      • Hi Pastor Joshua, I’m Rita and my daughter is Yasmine and I need prayer for her something has taken over her life and she needs the Best Prayer Warriors around the world to Break this Demonic Chain that has taken over her mind and also I would like Prayer over my finances so that I can be a blessing to my family, grandkids and my Church ,I would like Prayer for healing in my back and hip . I claim all these requests in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!

        • Hi pastor my name is milany i want you to pray for my health ,financial breakthrough ,protection healing from dieases,Good job,marriage open doors, my enemies etc thank you and amen

      • Please pray for every demonic thing in my life to flee everytime i try and get close to god something always turns me back also pray for my daughter she is 1 years old doctors are saying she is gonne need another surgery for her bone infection she had they say her bone is still not at the right place it should also pray for my family the devil is using my little brothers and turning them back to their old ways please pray for me special Prophet thank you

      • please pray for me…i have been trying to get a job for past year and a half…i do not have money to sustain my self also i have a son i have not seen in like a year cause i don’t have money to even take care of him.i have been going for interviews things seeming to look positive then in the end it all fails..all i need is a job.please pray for me man of God

      • please pray for me and my husband, we really are deep in debts, we havent paid the rent, its really tough on us right now but we are trusting God for a breakthrough.. God is faithful i believe.

      • pray for me.there are 10 years ago.i suffer of madness.pray i go out of madness.pray also i found work.that spiritual gift are restored.and also i starting a have clothes;jackets and blanket.thank.GOD CONTINUS TO BLESS YOU.

      • Please pray me and my family , we need heavenly healing ,deliverance ,Good Job and financial breakthrough in Jesus Mighty Name

      • Servant of the lord . Help me by praying for the will of God to be fullfilled and Pray for my education and A Job. Pray for my father who is still in the wilderness to come out so that he can see now from been blind. Thankyou for it is done. I pray that God will Give you peace In Jesus name Amen

      • Can you please pray for me to reconcile with my wife as she wants me out of her life after we have built a life together.I apologized to her but when I came back from work she is still angry with me and want nothing to do with me.I need your help Pastor urgently don’t want to loose her.

      • YOU IMPOSTER. May the God of Prophet TB Joshua never give you rest in you entire life until you have paied for all your deceptions.

      • Pray for me here I was watching pornography, and I came across sectsof witchcraft.this websites torment me in my dream.i want you to pray for me that these sects are far from my life.go out of my life

      • PRAY FOR ME TO GO OUT TO PSYCHATRIE.I was forcibly taken to the psychiatric hospital.pray for me i need a great help.pray for me i need also of computer;a phone;the clothes.thanks.pray also to go out to psychatrie.

      • * Firstly pray for me to achieve the main goals, I am always at the secondary goal. * Spirit of chronic lowering * spirit of servitude or spirit of donkey, I do everything for others, curse of polygamy, * spirit Or state of haunting, involuntary or obstinate memory *, spirit and society of chronic mentality. * Spirit and love of the idiot, nobody considered as being unconscious.

    • In Jesus maigh name man of God bless mi direct mi than good company for mi to do ma attachment in January I want to work in mines man of God.. En I am in competition of MTC that end up next month I want to be the winner of 1million in Jesus name be with us in our relationship with shaanika Titus for ever in Jesus name bless our family in Jesus Christ name.

    • please pray for me going through a trail God has put upon me my marriage of 35 years my husband walked out of our family 7 months ago for a younger woman and it’s killing all of us he want have anything to do or say to us please pray we can get through this. I’d love to restore our marriage but right now I just don’t know to many hurtful things have happened

      • some day ago my father call me from nigeria asking me that can he see his groundson before he died.Sir i stay in germany and my wife just gave birth eighth month ago. me my son and my wife has no doccument no job.please sir i need your assistant in prayer so that GOD will provide me my son and my wife doccument so that we can have a doccument to visit my parent, i am hopping in GOD there is nothing he can not du

    • Dear man of God my name is Meshack Ndolo please pray for me am in need of a breakthrough a job I have searched for along time please pray for me

      • Dear Ikenna Godwin,
        My name is Norina and i have been pray for you. I want you to know that God our father in heaven loves us so much. He gave his beloved son Jesus Christ to died for our sin. God is able to remove every spirit of darkness in your life. Put all your faith in him and believe that what you ask for, you received already. I have two bible verses for you. ( Psalm 50: 15, 1Chronicles 4: 10,).
        May our father in heaven covered you with the blood of Jesus.
        Please let me know if you have anything else to pray for.

    • Man of the Living GOD PLEASE PRAY for me to get my job back that i lost mystreously..i need your prayers to strengthen my Faith and Prayers for i am always connected spiritually through PROPHETIC CHANNEL.This colleagues of mine plotted my dismissal while i was on Leave and falsely accused me of things i did not do but i have forgiven them now so that GOD can forgive me too.Please help pray against any demonic covenant im my entire life and help my family to withstand the pressures of the devil for we seek the kingdom of GOD and we are wiling to download JESUS CHRIST in our hearts..IN JESUS NAME,AMEN

      • please pastor pray for me,i have gone through alot, am a mother of two,iwas ministering in the church in singing ministry but for almost an year ihave not served God in the church.i need God to restore everything the devil has stolen from me;my marriage,favour,i want to serve God and i need deliverance

    • Please pray for an excellent health for my whole family, baby for my brother, permanent job for my brother in law, good harvest for my father, successful career, life for aia and gre narciso and dj bergonia, i pray that all the desires of our hearts will all come true. That we will all be financially stable so we could provide the needs of our children and we could prepare for their future. Baby for jessa and safe delivery and no complications.i pray that my relationship with someone i love will have a clarity and he will love me forever. That our family will always be together and nothing will ever break us apart. I also pray for our safety everyday. Excellent health for the whole family and more blessings to share to other. Thank u.

      • Please pray for my life, studies my children and my PR status to be validated my financial situation and my work to increase and my family life to be your will father thank you I receive your blessings already in Jesus name Amen.

    • Please pastors pray for me. I need go back to my loved one, may Lord help him to find job overseas soon and get me back to live happily as before. In name of Jesus. Amen.

    • I need a prayer. May God help me to get back to my loved one, to my husband, may God help him to get job overseas as soon as possible and get me back. Please God help me. I need your hrlp. In name of Jesus. Amen.

    • Dear pastor Benny please pray for me & my entire family pray for the financial crisis so that these financial crisis would never ever come back again to us until my Jesus Christ comes back to take me and my entire family back with Him! in the mighty name of my living Jesus Christ. Amen


    • You don’t need to beg in order to get,The bible said in Genesis,”For he made them Man and Woman,so there’s no woman without a man for him and vice versa…All you need is to be yourself be KIND to people,and become the kind of person you will like to meet.

  2. Please pray for me I dont know what must I do now.I want free from ky debt and hope God send buyer to buy Land in Bali n Lippo Cikarang.I need money yo pay my debt n to build my house becouse my house has broken.sorry my english not good.thanks n Gbu

  3. Plz man of God Plz pray 4me. The father of my kids left me 3month ago i want him back in my life plz Man of God .I cry day and nite ..his name is jack Amen i receive

    • Lord I have been asking you a miracle breakthrough in my financial situation and my miracle husband this year 2016, I shall be celebrated and annnounced, my disappointment shall turn an appointment, those that laugh at me shall laugh with me, I want to travel back to Nigeria this year by the grace of God Amen

  4. I want the lord should help me in my process I want to become an army man we are in the process the nxt is medical’s that November 21 my army number is GAF 35982 in Ghana please my hole trust and is on you lord am in your hands Amen

  5. Pray for my life, to live according to the will of god,pray for my package the India government not releasing my package though it has been paid,but they say to pay some more,and I don’t have enough,, I now nothingis impossible with god,,I believe he is a miracle working god..

  6. My name is Junita. Please pray for me to get a financial breakthrough. To get an increasement in my salary. I want to get married. Please pray for my future husband to locate me in Jesus Name. I also want a house of my own. I believe that God will hear and answer my prayers. AMEN!!!!!!!

  7. Oh God of heaven i pray for love & peace in my family and in Nigeria also ask for healing in my life and financial breakthrough that i will come back to my country this year 2016 and to take care of my responsibilities in my life and also to help the less privileges all i ask through Christ our Lord Amen

  8. Please man of God pray for my mum,she is sick and pray for my financial breakthrough,academic exellence,spiritual growth and a job

  9. Kindly pray for me I need an instant miracle money, because I need to be one of the people
    7,000 people whom the Angel of God informed Papa Prophet Shepherd Bushiri/Major 1. I
    also need to be a Kingdom of God invester. I am expecting ALMIGHTY GOD to bless me with

  10. Please man of God pray for me I’m having a financial problem, I’m employed but my money don’t last when I’m paid, I’m also having a small business of a taxi but my money I’m always using them up on unnecessary things! Please man of God I believe in Jesus name I can be a new person, to achieve all my future plans, Amen!!!!

    • Man of God I went to write my final test at south African police services I’m requesting for prayers to receive the job interview and contract to work in saps permanently…

  11. Please Man of God pray for me to get my job back , My furnisher back and my house . Please prsy for me to get married to my boyfriend the man in my life in Jesus name amen

  12. Please man of God in Jesus Craist name l ask you to pray for me.and that may God bless an protect me for all the sins an bad things l’ve haver dune in all my ways and to help me to give stranth and to hill me from all the sicknesess in my life.and to please give me one more chance to for fill My happines.and to get to know and learn more about him in my God l trust and in Jesus l belive with all my heart and soull Amen Amen Amen

    • Dear God u already know what I need in my life please direct me to the right path so that I can reach where I need to be…I know u r the only one who can guide me for the same…plz help me …amen

  13. God should destroy the root of sins in my life,. God should give me outstanding mercy to prosper in all ramifications from now on. Amen

  14. Please pray for me to be debt free, I’m leaving from one pay cheque to the other. I need a financial breakthrough, I want to be a Kingdom Financer, to help the poor, the orphans and be a blessing to my family too. Pray for the protection of my brother who’s a bus owner they’re being killed by unknown people who are gunning down all bus owners . One bus owner was shot 24 bullets whilst driving his bus back home, but because God is merciful he has survived three gun shot wounds, I praise God for His life.

  15. I recive a good news from a friend that he want help me I need prayer that God will destroy any power of satan that will work aganist this news..that the lord we keep me in sound heath to aceive mi goals in life

  16. Please sir. Pray with me I have been detained on prison custody for six months now.and a lot has go wtong so please sir I need God’s intervention through your intersession on my behalve. Again since I lost my father two years ago his family has send I and my mother and sister out of the house and have taken away everything he left for us right now my mum is in curt with them but its not moving well with us please we need your prayers. I was detain because when all this things started happening to us I played the American lottery and won but I did not have all the nessesary qualifications to travel so I bought a certicate and the agent frauded it and gave me instead of doing it well he eat my money frauded the certificate and gave me then he ran away.since I didn’t know I used it and that’s is how I got myself into trouble for six months now I have been in to a serious mess. Thank God for mercy and grace as you interseed for me God multiply you in every domain. Thanks

    • As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you, I see favor from God and i see more spiritual attacks,sorrows,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding you for prayers and counselling add +2348105194566 on whatsapp and i will talk to you live

      • Man of God pray for me my life it’s been difficult i need a financial freedom I need to own my own house cancellation of debts my health status pray for my kids and my family as the whole nothing seem to be right our life stands on the same place looks like we are in a circle

  17. May God bring peace and harmony in my family. May he heal all the incurable diseases in all my family members and bless my father with long life. May God grant us all our heart desires. Amen

  18. I need the favour and the grace of god upon my life. I pray that whatsoever thing i lay my hands to do shall prosper. I am believing god for a specific connection with somebody. I pray that this connection workout smoothly.

  19. Kindly pray for me man of God, I am a man God Apostle I am helping my foreign partner to send his money to my account but things are not going well the way we want it, and pray for my family man of God to be united

  20. Oh lord bless mi be with mi I want to finish may stady to pass with high mark man of God direct mi the good company for attachment next year January in Jesus name.. After school direct mi the good company I want to work in mains man of god en blees us to have a good connection with may sister en to bless our relationship with Titus to be my for ever husbud in Jesus name be with my family en may son thomasthomas anoiting mi man of God in Jesus name . am in competition of NTC to win 1million 30 days left bless mi Lord in Jesus name. Amen

    • In Jesus name I just need all these families on here father to be blessed with your goodness and mercy and grace heavenly Father show them love and support for food and for there finance and to be a blessing to others in Jesus name Amen and Amen

  21. Kindly pray for me and my foreign partner man of God, my partner want to transfer his money to my account but we are having some problems, and pray for my family to be united, we promise we will plant a seed when the transfer is complete.

  22. I have being called but I’m strangeling with my calling please pray for me to understand it and be able to understand my visions together with my dreams

  23. Please pray for my health,financial breakthrough. My family especially my mother who is bed ridden , my brother and his wife as they are in chains and all of my family members.

  24. Please pray for me, am in need of breakthrough. Am unemployed, seek employment. I believe that the good Lord will prevail my life and give me deliverance. Thank you for praying for me.

  25. I have been asking God for 8 years now to bless my marriage with children but up to now my prayers has not been answered. God of Prophet TB Joshua, Bless my marriage with the fruit of womb in Jesus Name I belief Amen

  26. Oh Heavenly Father I m praying before you ,please Father help me to get promotion at work,and guide me and my fiance so that our wedding plans can be successfu before end of this yearl in Jesus name thank you my lord for everything u’hv done for me ,Oh mighty name of Jesus christ I thank you

  27. Man of god pray for me I lost my job and I need a new job which is having a better salary, I need deliverance to my family and healing to my self. Financial break through, in the name of Jesus amen.

  28. be greated in the mighty name of our savior. please pray for me for a heart to forgive free me from offence i want to love all as i love my self 2. i have too much pride 3. obsession 4. and i want all my business plans to work 5. for tenders worth millions heavens must open 6. for wisdom, prosper spiritually, manifestation of my gifts 7. financial breakthrough every corner were my finance is hiden thos walls must be broken in jesus name 8. please pray for my children to prosper in their school work espesially luviallen God must touch his brain becouse he is failling bad a turn around in his school work and healing in his eye sight 9. prayer for all my prophesies to come to pass 10. prayer for stronger faith.

  29. Please pray for me am in the supermarket businesses lately a lot of new chinies open up supermarkets next door I lost 95percent of my customers to them and can’t prorate like before am in bankrupt I deed deliverance in Jesus name for customers to return

  30. Greetings in the name of Jesus! Can you please pray for my financial breakthrough, marriage, promotion, and also my hubby’s business his name is Jonas.

  31. pray for me the man of God, I am going through a lot, I am a student, please pray for my studies and my family, and to be free from the bondage of breakthrough to finance.

  32. In Jesus name I pray for success , a job ,marriage and I pray for my business to be successful in Jesus name. And I pray for my daughter who’s got asthma 2 b heeled and b a happy child. Amen

  33. pray for me . i have done many things in my life but nothing is successed . i failures in exams many times . but this time i believes that i will pass in the exams . i will get the full profits in my works. because please pray for me . and for my family they are in jesus gospel evangelism . pray for my family to get the powerful anointment for heals the sicks to destroy the devils power . and please pray for us the financials. please pray for my works to get the full profits.
    my request pray for me and for my parents and brothers , to get 100% success in our life.

  34. Pray for me and Joancy Helen we planed to get married together but due to some of her Family problems on her life she is not talking to me she need to get change and our marriage should be done as early as possible and pray for Indians

  35. I pray God will heal me of the sickness that wants to ruin me. And pray for his guidance to know him more and have the fear of him.

    • I pray God will give me a good n permanent job before the year ends in Jesus. Anything that is delaying my breakthrough be destroyed in Jesus name.


  37. Major 1. Please pray for me for the fruit of the womb. For I believe when you ask God on my behalf I will receive my babies in Jesus name.
    Please major 1 do something.

  38. Man of God this is my prayrequest financial breakthrough, God please bless me by giving me the partner that love the way i am with my kids respect me,promotion protect my family from all kinds of evil and above baptise me with your Holy Spirit.

  39. Greetings in Jesus Christ name Daddy, pray for the mother of my 3 children, Alanyo who separated 4 yrs back submit, return back to the family with forgiveness, faithfulness and commitment. I Shall testify your glorious mercy Lord in this most complicated situation ever till the end.

  40. Greeting in the mighty name of Jesus please pray for me i am without a job for 6 months now i am a mother of 4 kids i went for a interview today please pray for that closed door to be opened in the name of Jesus Amen

  41. Good morning!! Please pary for me i need to settle down i want God to bless me with a life partner and i also want God to bless and protect me and my silbings and my dad and also give us the grace to love and follow God Amen

  42. Oh my father God, I want my daughter Yoma Onojeghuo, to start walking by her mates. She is 1 yr and 3 months and she is lazy to walk. I want to give a testimony on this issue in Jesus name. Amen!

  43. Pray for me Major One for financial miracle I am willing to to come ECG as an International visitor, I really want to an opportunity to meet you man of God

  44. Pray that my sons Petaia Tiputa Samasoni and Vaea Tangitau Ariva Dovoro Tiputa Samasoni will receive their miracle that call for celebration before the 24th of this months. This miracle will draw them closer to God, and they will live out the three dynamos of effective prayer, Groaning, Labour, and Travail in Jesus mighty name

  45. My prayer request is that please God forgive me and bless me with the man I’m dating presently to be my husband in Jesus name after my first degree

  46. Greetings man of God, please pray for a financial breakthrough for me and my wife. We are in great needs as I type this. Please just pray for things to get better fast before we loose everything. Thanks much in Jesus name

  47. Pls pray for me people will promise to help me later they will deceive me and run away, pls still pray me i need a job,they will use me work refuse to pay me na am jobless

    • As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you, I see favor from God and i see more spiritual attacks,sorrows,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding you for prayers and counselling add +2348105194566 on whatsapp and i will talk to you live

  48. Good afternoon Prophet I am Kortney Jordan and im asking for prayer for healing in my body and in my mind and that fear will no longer be apart of my blockage or hinder me. Prayer for my family and that i will and am beginning to live the best life in Jesus name.

    • As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you, I see favor from God and i see more spiritual attacks,sorrows,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding you for prayers and counselling add +2348105194566 on whatsapp and i will talk to you live

  49. I’m struggling to finish my studies I need a break through man of God I’m doing engineering studies please pray for me man of God

  50. Please Pray for me i have so many battles i want God to help me!!! I have no one apart from him.. He is my only hope for me to study and i want him to give me knowledge, understanding, and wisdom! I want God to bless me financially, spiritually and to give me longlife

  51. Kindly I salute you in mighty name of Jesus! Can yo please pray for me I need to get married this yea by the right man am dating(zachary),Fruits of womb during marriage,my financial breakthrough, I have a business but no customers have been straggling much but no customers,pray for my hubby Zachary to remember me always in the mighty name of Jesus,may the Lord forgive my sins because am not always perfect,I need some cash to cater for my need but am broke may the Lord sustain me with every desire of my heart.

    • As I was praying on your behalf, God opened my eyes to see things around you, I see favor from God and i see more spiritual attacks,sorrows,tears and suffering. The enemies are working on holding you for prayers and counselling add +2348105194566 on whatsapp and i will talk to you live

      • Daddy please pray for me i pray each and everyday that god touch my life nothing is moving i really want to go to school i dnt have money no one to assit i m a laghing stock i m so help less i cnt get a better job i really want peace in my soul i m trying daddy is very difficult i m already registered for teaching but i dnt have money to get my results oh god hear my prayers i surrender all and i believe one day i will give a testimony too….amen

  52. Good Evening in the name of Jesus ! I’m having difficulties in all aspects of life my health, no job, could no complete university, not finding a partner in life and having financial difficulties and I believe in the almighty name of Jesus that through you Major1 everything is possible when you pray for me.

  53. Please pray for me Man of God, l Want to pass my resist exams l wrote in August and this september and all my exams in level 200 and 300, l try very hard before the payment of my fees, please l don’t want to send home because l will not no where l will find myself , l want to complete my education please help me.

  54. Oh Lord I pray for breakthrough and Grace bless me Lord let heaven open for me. Oh Holy Spirit consume me rain like rain and burn like fire amen

  55. By the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I know that to God it will be the glory, I want a prayer to change this life I am. to be prosper with wisdoms,breakthrough in life, good job , financial breakthrough. Please I’m struggling a lot but nothing is moving, but by this time God will provide away through your help, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  56. I struggled to get a space for my pray. Pls pray for me and my family to have joy and peace we are on divorce and may it be on my kids favour. I lost everything but I trust God. My enemies will stop laughing at me. I lost bit of memory always hev unbearable pains. I trust in God Amen.

  57. In the name of Jesus can you pray for me and my husband Joe that is blind and kidneys have shut down and has one leg an forme that i suffer with depression nerves and sickness through my body and to pray for all my children and my grandbbys my love ones i feel sick every day plese pray forme and for our home we need money to pay our bills and rent Amen

  58. Major 1 do something may u pray for my family to success in life.father please pray for me to receive a call from the department of an army on 31 October 2016 I applied to become a south African army.

  59. I for I financial breakthrough with my family and strengthen my faith in jesus name. Build myself a house and do away with tenancy buy car

  60. I am now raising my grandchildren & I need peace with that. I need the I’ve never had, the happiness, & I pray my gifts will make room for me & present me before Great men, as God has promised they would. I write & I want to be successful in my writing. I believe in my heart I am sowing seeds to reap a bountiful harvest, in Jesus name!! I wanna closer walk with the Lord, I need to be able to hear from Him. I wanna feel Him & know Him personally. Lift me up before the Lord. I need Him more than I need the healing in my body, more than money, more than anything this world can offer. God bless you faithful servants of the Most High God!! Thank you

  61. Please pray for me and my family, that we are taken out of all these financial burdens, our house is falling apart, employment for bothe my husband and I that we may look after our family and also for God’s protection and guidance in our family.

  62. Pray for me and my family financial breakthrough I need money to buy a new house and please pray for me so that door that as been close to be open in mighty name of Jesus Amen.Thanks

  63. Man of God this is my pray request financial breakthrough, please pray for that closed door to be opened in the name of Jesus Amen

  64. My brother deliverance he is drug addicted, mentality he is in jail ,marriage for all my sisters and mine,financial breakthrough and deliverance of my family we need supernatural turnaround Major1 do something

  65. Praise the Lord,
    Please pray for my husband Binu as he lost his job.He is trying for a new job but nothing is working out.Our visas will be cancelled by the end of this month.Please pray for him to get a new job before our visas get cancelled.

  66. Praise the Lord,
    Please pray for my husband Binu as he lost his job.He is trying for a new job but nothing is working out.Our visas will be cancelled by the end of this month.Please pray for him to get a new job before our visas get cancelled.

  67. Im tswane oh lord pray for me to pass frm grade 11 since 2011 im nt proggressing help me nd heal me frm the diseases i hv in my body so dt i cn be free in jesus name i believe

  68. My husband and are have been together for 10 years and 6years of marriage now which is16 years together no children our prayer request today we are praying to God for children this year 2016 in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, man of God please pray with us. because we know our God is able.

  69. I want all round favour, financial breakthroughs, peace of mind. God to restore what the enemies has stolen from me. My will marry their enemies as wife IJN. God to destroy every plans of enemies against me and family. God to build my abandoned project IJN. Protection for me and my household.

  70. My Name is fundiswa zali my prayer request is that i want you to help me in my prayer ls for my family to stay united for love and. Peace and no more death in my family to pray for my mother’s speed recovery change her situation in the me of jesus to get her job of her dreams for me to go back to school and get my PHD to locate my husband this year to het that call from transnet in the name of jesus to recieve that job of my dreams bless my son to live long and pray for dady relationship watever it is that is holding my life back ow Lord remove it from me who ever fights against me Lord scater their bones ow lord destroy them in Jesus name let there beight no more bad luck in my life ow Lord keep my mother for longer i ask God to give me wisdom and to build a stronger relationship forever in Jesus name amen

  71. Pastor pray for my job and need financial openings in my life. I am waiting on god for wonderful miracle. I want to turn this pain into testimony in Jesus name Amen

    • Major 1
      First May God help you see this prayers request
      1. Am broke for years now I need a great financial breakthrough
      2. Need to be a honest kingdom financier
      3 I love farming and there is a place I can lease shamba but capital is the problem
      I want to finish my degree which I begun back 2009
      I want God to change my story

  72. Goodmorning…i greet you in the name of Jesus..i pray fo abundance peace in all areas of my life…finacial breakthrough in my business and my home…peace n love in my home..the spirit of hate, debt and quarelling to scarter in the name of Jesus.above all may i be steadfast in the lord.

  73. Please pray for me,I finished the University but waiting for the results, I pray for my name to appear on the graduation lists. I also pray for a good job, a partner who will take me as a wife. My family is fool of evil people who do not want to see anything good from my mother’s house, i pray for wealth, love,children, jobs, health, happiness in my family.

  74. I am Pastor Paul. from INDIA. I am doing Gods service and we have a little gathering people of 80 members, we are gathering in a shulter to worship God Jesus, now we need to leave that place. we want to buy a place, we have not sufficient money to buy place for church. Please pray for me i am in 40days fastings now i am on 30th day without any food waiting for mighty anointing. So plz pray for mighty anointing of Holy spirit and for financial support from God to buy a place for church and for church construction.

  75. Man of God please pray for me. My husband is not working anymore, all finances are facing me. We owing our house and car that the banks want to repossess now. I’m owing everywhere so much debts. I’m looking at everything in the house and it’s about to get finished, food, electricity,petrol to go to work, baby nappies, everything. I couldn’t pay for my helper no municipality and we owe a big amount to municipality. Man of God I need a financial breakthrough, I feel so depressed and a failure. All the money that we were supposed to get is not being released. I pray to be free of my debts and live a stress free life financially

  76. morning in the name of jesus, i pray for a job so that i can support my kids i feel like im useless mother because i have no job,money and house please help me me jesus Amen.thank u people of god for give this chance Amen

  77. I want God to give me and my wife treasures of a lasting kind and put a lasting smile on our faces.He should give breakthrough in all we do

  78. My prayer request I want all the people that is holding my money to release them to me especially Darell who have been with my money for long I want my money released to me in Jesus name Amen I pray for breakthrough in my life and that of my family… Father lord show me love I want to Divine blessing this week

  79. I will like God of major 1 for a job so that I can feed my family…build them a house because they’ve been leaving in shack for more than 30 years

  80. My prayer request: Papa pray for my miracles to fall on me now in the mighty name of Jesus, my husband to get a job and total family deliverance. Amen

  81. Pray for me man of god, to be called for interview for the job i had applied for at Build it store, pray for me man of god i have a wedding in December and i don’t have enough money to prepare may wedding, pray for me man of god i use to drink alcohol and i want to quit from drinking alcohol. lastly pray for me so that i can strong faith in god.

  82. Good morning ,in the mighty name of Jesus i pray the life of those out there seaching their way oh Lord help them achieve their heart desire ,Lors God please look after both my parents and provide for us our daily bread oh lord two things i ask of thee,deny me them not before i dei,remove far from me vanity and lies ,give niether porverty or riches ,feed me with food convenient for me ,lest i be full and deny thee ,or lest i be poor and steal,and take the name of my God in vain ,,,Lord god please bless me in the way that i will not be cunsume by the things of this world ,provide for my parents oh lord ,i give you thanks and i worship your name in Jesus name i pray Amen …

  83. Papa pray for my family we need financial breakthrough to pay our school fees…also pray for me so that l can get the right person for me…pray for peter Kusimba to win election that will be held next year….major one do something

  84. Please pray for me, i Want breakthrough in my finances and business in Jesus name, I also want to get married in the next six month, I know God can.. I want a miracles to take place in my life

  85. Hi I am Leah I want prayers for my husband that I should get a good job because what is earning now that is not sufficient for a family I have twin babies Jonathan and Jessica we not able to bring them up with the salary we are not able to spend for toys we want Gods breakthrough in our life and hes blessings on as we as a family submit as into your hands Lord Amen

  86. May Grant me happiness ,protect from all bad luck things,desires of my heart,heal my stomach and my eyes,give me the love of my life husband,job ,remove me from povert and bless my all family with good life and joy

  87. Please man of God pray for me to get a JOB, CAR AND BIG HOUSE, pkease man of God pray for me I am sufering I beg in the name of Jesus

  88. Good morning in the name of Jesus,
    Today is my driving test,(in Bahrain) please pray for me,I wan,t to get a License in the Jesus name.

  89. Man of god pray for my family , in my family we don’t get a long , papa pray for me next month I’m going for blood test I want my result to come negative , papa I am not working and I was doing a learnership so my money is stuck they don’t want to pay us please release that money so that I can do something with it . I don’t have parents to fund me to school I’m hoping that this money will take me to school

  90. Good morning breathlen, i also have difficulities with my health, no peace of mind, my faith sometimes becomes low, my family also needs prayers, job part also, so so many thing in my life needs prayers and i believe with your prayers everything can be possible with me. Thanks in all you do to comfort us God bless u.

  91. Pastors please pray that I am yuvaraj from India my elderly brother is in adultery wth antuy and she did many witchcraft to my brother name is pruthviraj pray that he should come out that all evils spirits

  92. Am also a single mum with two daughters they need to finish their education we need your prayers so that they finalize and get better husbands, better jobs and have a better life generally! And among my family am left alone all are gone to stay with the lord give me strength to accept being alone, so kindly pray for me in all those am going through.

  93. I need a prayer for a friend of mine that has relocated and taken up another job, but ever since he relocated he has been ill and unhappy to a point where he even wanted to take his life because he wants to come back home and the process for him is taking too long…been 2 years now that he’s struggling to get a transfer back home…I need you to intercede for him because the city he’s in and the job is taking toll on his life and health…thank you, may God continue to bless you

  94. I want God to take total control of my marriage and my finances my career may wisdom surround me and my beloved ones and may the good Lord guide and protect us from sickness,disease and premature death and I shall worship him for as long as I leave. May the Lord forgive me for I am not perfect before him I humbly ask that he forgives me and opens a new chapter in my life.

  95. Daddy thank You for this opportunity i have always looking for a way to tender my prayer request to You for prayers.
    * i need the present of God to be with and my family for the rest of our life.
    * Daddy please pray for me since i got married on 2014 i only earn salary but nothing to show for my earnings.
    * I want God to give me victory over all my defeat.
    * Am hoping on God for a business to my wife.
    * I need God’s grace to spend quality time Him(God).
    * i need fruitfulness in all areas of life.

  96. Man of God please pray for my family to live long and for me to get Rich and help them , and the poor and those who is inneed , I want to be a billionaire and also to live long , any business I will get involve must be a blessings

  97. I pray that God should grant my heart disire he should make me happy I should have faith in him he should do wonders in my life,protect n guide me,where im praying to be I should get there amen.

  98. My prayer request is for God to forgive me my sins,and grant me the fort sight to see and choose my husband wisely and total turnaround for me and my household


  100. I request you to pray for me to have a financial breakthrough. I am so heavily indebted that am not able to get out of debts now. Am also finding it difficult to provide for my family all their needs. My projects have all stalled. With your prayers am sure I will get financial breakthrough.

  101. I need God’s blessing in my life, good job, in my relationships, let God bless my man. My wedding is by the corner but it was cancel, I put everything in God’s Hands. Put me in your prayer. Thank you

  102. Daddy please pray for me I need divine breakthrough in my life,things have not been moving well in my life and the life and my family I pray for divine connection,helpers,favor good health and schoolarship

  103. Hello! I am Adrien H. in Rwanda. Please man of GOD I am requesting that you pray for me. I need you to support me asking GOD to deliver me in the hands of satan and his servants. I need you to pray for me so that I get a united and peacefully family. i need financial stability and a job that can help me having my own house, supporting my relatives and those will be directed to me for help. I need you to help me asking the almighty GOD that He omit the shame on me and i need GOD to shape me in a man of wisdom, love and integrity in Jesus name. I need you to ask Jesus that He makes me able to know Him, proclaim His victory and praise His name forever and ever. Please pray for me, my Daughter and wife to be persons who will obey and serve the Almighty GOD of Israel

  104. Please men of God pray for me God to give me wisdom,restore me, give me a new well paying job, God to open my inner eyes and give husband.


  105. My prayer request is for God to uplift I and my Family and let our STAR shine to the WORLD and also Long life and Prosperity

  106. Hi my name is Bransford. Kindly pray and intercede for me. I have an exam to write on Sept 10 and I need a breakthrough in this exam. Failure is not my portion this year. Also please pray for doors of employment and appointment letters be opened for me. Thanks.

  107. Please Papa pray me, major one please, my Relationship, Restoration of my life, new job,financial breakthrough, Deliverance, Family Deliverance debts cancellation, miracle car, to get married before December 2016, fruits of my womb, healing, remove fibroids in my womb, my shortness of breath and my niece shortness of breath in jesus name

  108. Please I need you to pray for, that before the end of 2016 I shall be celebrated those you declined me for the help shall all celebrate with me, where my past generation couldn’t reach I shall reach n pass them with big testimonies in Jesus name

  109. Man ofGod,please pray for me that I get employment.I am a trained and qualified artisan but I can not get a stable job.Since I qualified in 1994 I went for 9years without a job.Since then I have never held a permanent Job,I only get employment in short term contracts.Please I request your prayers because I feel my situation needs Devine intervention.Thank you in the name of the Lord Jesus

  110. Please pray for my son Halalisani he is 10 years old to improve concentration at school and for him to be wise and exemplary in Jesus Mighty name.

  111. Good day, My name is Buyi and my prayer request is as follows, I prayed for a job and I received an answer from God with the exact amount and the kind of place I wanted to work in. My challenge is I took the job offer even though I knew I was pregnant and I would like you man of God to pray for me that when I do tell them that I am pregnant it wont cause any problems. My prayer point as well is for favour at the new company and also that they consider to take me on permanent basis

  112. My second request is a prayer for financial breakthrough and the yoke of poverty to be destroyed in my family and to be filled with blessings and wisdom that overflows in Jesus name Amen

  113. My second request is a prayer for financial breakthrough and the yoke of poverty to be destroyed in my family and to be filled with blessings and wisdom that overflows in Jesus name Amen and Amen

  114. Please man of God prophet TB Joshua pray for the almighty GOD to bless me with a job to help myself and family, for God to heal me and bless me with children. Thanks for your assistance. May God continues to empower you Amen

  115. God pls save my marriage and bring my husband back home, restore love, joy, peace and unity in this marriage like never before. RENEW AND RESTORE

  116. Man of God, please pray for me. (1) Financial breakthrough so that I will be able to support my family and be able to tide. there was a time where I was able to be faithful in my tide but because of responsibilities being added I could not manage. I do not get my salary. the money I earned all goes to stop orders & debit orders. I had to deposit more on my account so that the debits being paid. that money is on credit as well.
    (2) Marriage- I have been into relationships which I decided to end because I have realised I was doing something that is against the Will of God. this curse should be abolished over my family. I know I was not born to be rejected. in my family I was the only one who graduated in a formal education. the others followed me. I wanted to thank God that curse was abolished.

    (3). In September 2014, my brother who was after me was robbed and stubbed to death. that created lot of problems in my home. I ended hating God. Please pray for me. I did apologise to God but I think its not enough. My heart is still bleeding. I even hate the month of September. Please pray for me and my family to forgive and forget and also to understand death.

    Thank you

  117. Man of God please pray for me I have a strong financial problem nothing is going right in my life. I also need a promotion i am also willing to relocate. I am a single parent. I need deliverance for me and my kids.

  118. Bonjour. Suis Elias MAKASI de la RD.Congo/Ville de Goma, suis en difficultés des dettes, je vous supplie d’implorer la grâce de Dieu à ma faveur pour qu’il paie me dettes 1et que je sois libérer de ces blocage financièr il y a 4ans rien ne marche. je veux que Dieu renforce ma foi, qu’il me fasse la sagesse et l’intelligence. je veux que Dieu me fasse une parcelle, je 4moi de dettes de 400$ de loyer je ne suis plus en bonne relation avec mon bayeur suite à ce retard. Merci pour vos prière j’ai la foi que la distance ne peut jamais empêcher l’intervention de Dieu. Je la foi qu’a partir de vos prières Dieu va agir.
    Elias MAKASI Num tel +243998505485

  119. I wrote my B.E.C.E on the 16th of July, when I was gonna begin,I prayed to God to help me write it successfully and He did it,I thanked Him and I will continue to thank Him for that.O God I thank You for helping me write my B.E.C.E successfully.AMEN.
    Our results will be out from next week which is 12th September,”I want God to help me get a grade 6 in my result and also help me get my first choice school I choose and also help anybody that has any relationship with me even if it is my enemies, He should help them get the grade and school they wanna get.”
    I have prayed over it and I also want you to pray for me,I know that since He is still the God that did it for the great people we hear of in the Bible like Moses,Daniel,David,Abraham,Sarah,Hannah,Joseph,and many more, He will still do it for me.
    I have promised Him,since I know He has already done it,I am also ready to fullfill my promise in the Church after the results are out.

  120. Please man of God pray for me I always dream about poverty, help me in prayers that God should remove the spirit of failure and open the doors of finances upon my life and family in the name of Jesus Christ.

  121. Pray for me Man of God for my health,family,financial breakthrough ,for my job,relationship ,spirits of stagnation to go away&to grow spiritually .Amen

  122. Comment: Man of God pray to my Life , I am Samwel Kuhenga from East Africa,Tanzania Tanga region,Man of God pls pray with me .I have project proposal’s for water mobile so now I am looking to the donor who going to support the project.Thanks you my Lord Thank.

  123. Pray for me Major 1.I need total breakthrough in healthy,finances,family and carreer.I need restoration of everything that the devil have stolen from me.I need prayers to recover my academic certificates which got lost.Every evil spirit hindering my progress to come out of me.

  124. Prayer for financial breakthrough in Jesus name for my family my son, sister and her son and my cousins to stop drinking and get good jobs with good salaries. i want to to build 2 store building house, car, start farming and i want to help my family members

  125. Man of God please pray for me I need a finical break through, I’m in debt of about N$ 70,000 , I want to live a debt free life, I need healing I have a pain between my shoulders, it’s have been long now, my money doesn’t stay long when I’m paid please man of God, with the power of the Almighty living God, I know and I believe I can be a different person in future Amen!

    • Pray against evil alter in my life and family, also against any covenant made on my behalf. Pray for lucrative job and financial provision in my life.


  127. UKILE SUTTONE Tshiwula September 8, 2016 at 10:24 am
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  128. Man of God please pray for me,I seek God’s intervention. My life is in shambles,I pray for the South wind to blow over me and that God can provide me finacially.It has been two years and I jave not seen my son. Finacial problems are killing ne and I am having sleepless nights.I am homeless and I really need God’s intervnetion. Let God blow over the East wind and judge my situation.

  129. ZUKILE SUTTONE Tshiwula September 8, 2016 at 10:26 am
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    UKILE SUTTONE Tshiwula September 8, 2016 at 10:24 am
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  130. I pray for knowledge and understanding the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ, may his mercy protect and guide me my going out an my coming,what is for me it will not be taking way,my business, marriage, career shall be fruitful in Jesus name.

  131. Man of god pray for me since January I have pain in my back I have made 4 operation the doctor said is cancer I no if you pray for me I will be healed in the mighty name of jesus

  132. I need to have wedding in February 2017 pray for me to have it done in the stipulated period.
    I need to have a miracle money to budget for the dowries and wedding, your prayers are welcome to me please.

  133. Pleas pray for me man of God, may I pass all my modules this year and be able to graduate next year, I pray for a job , that I was interviewed for. I pray for protection from evil.I

  134. I’m looking for a job which is easy and highly paying job,in this month of September so that I will start my business and helping my parents and sponsoring the gospel


  136. man of God pray for my wife she got colon cancer, doctors say it cannot be cured but i trust my Lord JESUS can heal her, please uplift her in your prayers , I believe in JESUS NAME AMEN!!

  137. I need financial breakthrough to pay all my debt. I buried my dad and mom in May, on the same day and in the same grave. God’s grace has been keeping me. Moreso, it has been prophesied by different men and women of God that I have the call of God upon my life, which of course I can confirm. Kindly pray for God to give me the grace to obey this call.

  138. Need a supernatural breakthrough :spiritually, physically,economically in Jesus Name. I receive already in faith, thank you for praying.

  139. Please pray for total deliverance of my family, financial breakthrough Devine wisdom and knowledge unmerited favour ,longer lives devine health, peace and happiness


  141. My pray request :
    My family financial background..
    My mother’s health because she doesn’t see as normaly men
    Peace, spiritual growth,
    My study & my younger brother’ health is not good now he suffering faver.
    M serchig for new job and my family and my health
    Please …. please..

  142. Pastor pray for me I want GOD to grant me with all my heart desires. I want GOD to surprise me with best result in all my exams. Pastor I want GOD to make me graduate when all my mates are graduating from school this is my final year I want to leave school happily LORD GOD add value, beauty,kindness, good heart, favors,long life ,good health, LORD GOD show me whom my future partner is open my eye to choose the right person GOD bless me with financial breakthrough in JESUS name AMEN.

  143. Please pray for my son to begin seeking after God, reading His word, praying and attending church with his family. Pray also for a good stable job to help his wife support the children. To keep him from hurt harm and danger, and to help him to reason in a mature way. Pray for God to establish His promises. To bring clarity to the mind, remove the heart of stone, and replace it with a heart of flesh and an obedient spirit in the man He has identified as my mate…

  144. Papa please pray for my family ,,,my child ,my mother deliver them from any disease any evil attack,. I also want God to bless with new job. Financial breakthrough,,I want God to watch over my daughter day an night Amen.

  145. A man of God,am looking a big Travel agent all over the world to work with as their local and ground tour operator.Am looking many clients to my company,for those clients who are ready do booking with me to confirm their booking.Pray for me to have blessed , good health and long life,Pray for my parents,Lucas and Geraldine all brothers and sisters to be blessed. Let my company be known all over the world even if is young company and to get more clients more and more.

  146. Man of God i want my lyf to change to have peace in my marriage bring back my husband to have good lyf wth m. Family kids and all my relatives nice house and all good thing hapiness to come in my life wth my husband

  147. Pray for me to get government job my results are to be declared this month ending or next month. By this job me and my family will be blessed in everything. Even pray for me and my husband’s health.

  148. Pastor pray for me that the hands that is over my paperwork that going over my medical papers to decide to approve my disability and I Thank u in advance

  149. Pastor please pray for my vision in dreams bcose many things I dreamed become true. And I don’t know what to do also pray for my daughter she is seven years old BT she can’t do anything without help. And I dream she will be healed through you twice

  150. Please pray for me for spiritual growth, Im parting ways with the wickedness of this world. I want to walk in the light of God. Im praying for unity in my family snd the hatred that we have towards each other. I need deliverance.

  151. Hello, man of God please someone took money from me to help me with something but fly to think air,please pray that the holy spirit will course home to bring the money or give the help he promised. Thanks

  152. Dear Lord JESUS,
    As this year is coming to an end, all my crisis has come to an end;cause it time for me to rise and shine as his light has come his glory has risen upon me.My enemies, my adversities(house hold wickedness from my fathers’ & mother’s & enemies outside my family, friendly enemies or wolf in sheep clothen, enemies against my destiny, especially those against the rightful calling of God’s purpose in my life, those who want me to always suffer,those who don’t want to see me laugh & smile from that family-tree, all kinds of enemies against me; as the word of GOD said the Egyptians i see today, i shall see them no more! Let your word come to pass and as the red sea wipe pharaoh away,let the ocean of the blood of JESUS wipe them away like the red sea.As i have pursue them and overcome them,i will neither turn until they are consume,and i have wounded them that they are not able to rise;they have fallen under my foot forever…………so shall it be in JESUS’ name…………2-And as am planing to hit out with my music destiny;nothing shall stop me this time around,even the devil can’t try anything stupid anymore………..JESUS is always with me & the holy spirit inspire me more with his wisdom knowledge & understanding………i will be the best in the whole planet……..i will ruled the globe for JESUS as nothing i will ever lark,favor,blessing, anointing,dominion,power,provision,support & heaven’s connection……… JESUS’ name

  153. My Husband and I need a house, we want a baby coming from my womb PLEASE PLEASE touch it man of God, My Husband need a promotion and we want peace, prosperity, unconditional love for each other and our unborn children. Bless us with all these PLEASE MAN OF GOD. AMEN

  154. Comment:I pray for four winds of God to blow in my life,north wind for promotion in Heaven,east wind for judgment,south wind for provision and the east wind for deliverance in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Amen.

  155. Man of God please pray for me I need healing in my body, and relationship with my boyfriend I would like him to propose,breakthrough in my family papa, success and great job from government help me

  156. Comment:man of God I’m tied of a mess up life, pray for a turning around, too much delay and sickness in my life papa, I also want God to use me papa

  157. Pastor please pray for me, im looking for a job and I always apply pastor. I have been shortlisted for a post of maintenance investigator for d 8 times, in July they have shortlist me and now the post in on hold. I do have experience and I have volunteer so I can gain more experience at Legal aid board. Please pray for me pastor and my marriage is also falling apart. Amen

  158. Please pray for me, I need the overflow of God in my life, the close relationship with Him, I need His wisdom ,His power and supernatural anointing & His fullness to pour upon my life, I need Him to open my spiritual ears and eyes, I need God to use me mightily to serve Him, I need Him to generate resources to bring millions of souls all over the world to His kingdom, I want healing and deliverance anointing, heal the sick, prophecy and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I need God to take me to the highest level and shine so bright that I can never be hidden, and Him to make me as humble as He commands ,then the riches of this world shall be added upon me as He said I should seek His face 1st n the rest shall be added into me,in Jesus Name so shall it be

  159. I pray for debts cancelation, good health to raise my children, promotion and love and peace in my family in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  160. Comment:please help me pray for a job… I’ve been praying and i believe God will make a way…. I have tremendous faith in his faithfulness… I know he is going to come through for me…

  161. Papa pray for me my love life is dead and also I’m busy extending the house for my mom I can’t finish.also in struggling with a place to stay as I’m in debts.

  162. I pray to love n adore God more… do what pleases him…..I pray for my family finances n for us to prosper….

    • Help me to pray for all round settlement in my Life and the life of my family…… let my miracle husband Locate me,miracle job.unmerited favour in my life.
      Total turnaround ijn.amen

  163. Man of God please pray for me. Here are my prayer requests: I want God almighty to release His anointing upon my life, to use me greatly in my generation, I need God’s wisdom, the gift of miracles. I want God to give me a job that is far beyond my expectations I know He is able, I want God to release the husband He has anointed to be mine may he locate me before the end of this month September 2016. May God release all my destiny helpers nay they not find rest until the deliver what is mine before the end of September, may God release financial breakthrough over my life and heal all the sick in my family. He is God all by Himself and He doesn’t share His glory with other gods, I know and I believe that He will do it for me. Thank you Lord as you are about to bless me. May your name be glorified, in Jesus name. Amen

  164. Lord my prayer request goes to my financial breakthrough, change my life make me a happy woman, protect my son, daughter and all my family, cover me with the blood of Jesus,Father what i need most is my plot to be developed, whoever will touch my papers for my requeast put a smile on them and change their minds to approve me Jehofah, i need a feedback before this week. Rebuke all the works of demons against my life and please forgive me all my sins knowing and unknowing. Thank you my Lord

  165. Please pray for me to get job, I have been looking for job for a long time now but never get, I am the person that supouse to look after the family and iam unemployed and the family is now suffering.

  166. A single mother praying for job confirmation at her current position in an insurance company.praying to God to open doors in my life for have lived a stagnant life. Praying for a husband who will accept me.Please help me pray for breakthrough to take care of my daughter. God bless you man of God. Please help me am worn out.i feel like dying.
    Thank you.

  167. Hello my name is sisay from Ethiopia . I want you pray for me on the following topic
    1. to get spiritual power
    2. Economical Breakthrough
    3. Have babies from my marriage

  168. Esther Aladi Adu:

    Daddy i need prayer from marriage disappointment, Hardship, Emptiness Hatred Financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  169. Please pray for me Pastor…my life is going in a way that I don’t know and I need a financial break through because I don’t know what happen with my money every month. I can’t even buy some food for the rest of the month or pay any bills because there is no money….I am so scared every day because I had to try and keep the balju from my door step. My friend it is hell to live like that every day. Please Please pray for me and I will also pray like I do every day but it feels like that my prays did not get their way to God of Abraham. Thank you have a blessed day!

  170. Pray for wisdom and for God to release upon me the power to see and discern. For prosperity and deliverance for my family and blessings. mostly for the holy spirit to upon me. In Christ Jesus name AMEN.

  171. Good afternoon i would like you to trurs God with me for financial breakthrough I know my God is able and pray for a partner in my life a Man that loves Jesus and serve Him unashamed a Man that will love me for who iam I need a car badly especially to go to the house of the Lord
    Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness! !!!!!! Vera

  172. Man of God pray for me so that I will have financial breakthrough and also bless my family and Business not forgetting my work I need a promotion and good work conditions Amen

  173. I love to know God and know him butter, please pray that any evil spirits a sign to my life God take care of them, God should help me get a job am waiting for them to call me, I know with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. AMEN. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN AMEN


  174. Hi my name is thembisile Winnie mavimbela I want you to pray for me my debts are to much
    and plz pray for my brada who is in jail and deliver my from dis spiritual husband who always sleep with me in Jesus name I know I’m delivered help man of god amen

  175. Please pray for me,let my future husband locate this year,the man i have stayed with for 4 years says he is not ready to get married,please pray for me to cancel any this appiontment in my life and i need God favor and blessings. My brother who is at UK has lost his job and every thing about his life has drop down and is bussiness too is collapsing please help us, help my family in prayers

  176. Hello…My name is Kediah Jenkins Zarwie
    This is my prayer requests:
    1. Love, understanding and care in my marriage
    2. Healthy growth in my family
    3. Finance, Money
    4. God should give me the heart to give
    5. Leadership ability
    6. Forgiving Heart
    7. Strong Connection with God
    8. My children’s education, health, unity, Love, knowing God, and many other

  177. MY my name is OLABAMIJI SUNDAY SAMUEL, i want God to answer my prayer that I have being praying since all these days.
    I want God to provide helper for my brother, as well as my sisters and give great husbands and wive.
    I want God to provide for my parent, so that they will pay my school fees.
    I want God to send mercy to my family
    I want God to provide job for my father.
    Father lord Jesus we want to enjoy u in our family.
    God should not let my parent tired over me and my sisters and brother in the name of Jesus
    Any uncomplete power in our life, may God make it complete in Jesus Name.
    I learnt graphics art and design, i open a facebook page named “Sammy O Graphics Artist and Design, i want to be known through the page, even i want to be known from the overseas i want to be bless with the work, i want u pray for me that God should make a way for me work and at any other industry i established in Jesus Name.
    And so shall it be in Jesus Name.
    Thank u Sir

  178. Papa pray for me..I need god to change my poor results to good results..I failed one something for of my major prophet shepherd bushiri..I belive I will receive good results tomorrow

  179. My prayer requests is to give my life to the lord to live a holy and acceptable life to God, also the lord to blessed me with a child and a husband.

  180. I am praying for God of Major 1 to release me from debts, give me financial breakthrough, divine healing and success in my new company, Reviving Hope Trading (PTY) Ltd. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  181. O my God help me papa I need to testified that you are the God I saved the God of miracle help me God and give me a good contract that can help me and my family. Financial problem is the problem I have now Lord Jesus help me

  182. Please pray for my 2 children. They both have developmental delays. Especially my older son, Matthew. He has been diagnosed with Autism and cannot talk (non verbal), cannot follow directions, and has severe cognitive delays. Thank you.

  183. Please pray for me. Dat my husband should be promoted.
    Breakthrough in my life God should do a miracle I my life
    And please pray for me my brother Dat traveled out God should make he to Mike it over there.and understand in my marriage.and pray for me Dat buy did time next year I well be in my house thank u man of God

  184. Pray for man of God, I want to grow spiritual in the word of God and to have deeper knowledge. im graduate but i did not get JOB yet man of God.

  185. Please pray for me and my family. We really need God! And also my schooling,Nov Dec lifestyle in leaving.i honestly don’t like it I don’t know what to do about it. I need to enter into university next year. I need God’s blessings now please.


  187. Please pray for me to get government job. Results are to be declared by end of this month or the following. By this job me and my family will be blessed in everything. Even pray for me and my husband’ health, he is suffering with severe dust allergy.

  188. Hello my name is Trevor mxolisi nkosi I send this prayer request for me to be blessed with a new job my lord a new adventure help me fight my debt problems and get back my financial freedom.and I know I have not been what you’ve created me to be but lord help me find myself again and everything will be back on its position
    thank you my lord in the name of jesus christ

  189. My name is Zubeder my prayers request is that i want you to help me in my prayer is for my familyto be united for love and peace prayers for my husbands speed recovery change his situation bless my chdiren to have agood life and euducation dady relationship watever its is that is holding my life back ow lord revmov it from me who ever fights aginst me lord scater their bones ow lord destroy the inthename of jusese let the ligh on us no more badluck i need fincaccel opening life.

  190. I pray for financial breakthrough to pay for school fees and bills. Also to pass my exams tomorrow 9/9/2006 and be promoted to the class that I belong. I also pray for my friend mattew that he be blessed academically that he be promoted to the class that he belongs to in Jesus Name, Amen

  191. Pap I want you to prayer for my family and me because we are poverty,prayer for factional, house, car and business

  192. Hello, am a struggling young and upcoming Afro jazz musician from Malawi

    I’ve just finished my production and am confused and I don’t know what to do because am financially block

    Please pray for me so that I must breakthrough, I really need God to help me so that i may realise my musical career

  193. Please man of God pray for me my life is so full of ups and downs that when ever God blesses me it drafts away easily.. Please pray for my family,marriage,son and my financial breakthrough…

  194. Pls pray 4 me sir to have breakthrough success favour Mercy ,promotion, to protect my life my family and all my love once 4rm premature death, to provide 4 my family, to change my guy life to better, to be the heard not the tale, and to serve God no matter how the situation maybe

  195. Please pray for me that God’s will should be establish in my life,He should empower me spiritually and also He should control my thoughts,movements,actions and whatever I say.

  196. In the name of Jesus, I want God to destroy every charm cast on my husband. And to put confusing between him and the girl, so he can come back home and we be one family again. Amen

  197. Papa even good luck because I feel I have bad luck always especially to my jobs, it’s seems everytime I find a job something takes it away and in my heart all I want is to help people in need so please pray for me so that God may bless me with that grace..

  198. Please my name is Ephraim Msebenzi I request a prayer for financial am working but I don’t know where my money is going I have serious financial problems also prayer for my children and family Amen

  199. Please pray for my children, they are being chased away from school because they don’t have study permits, am in south Africa

  200. (1)O God my maker bless me for the sake of your gospel spreads because your words says in Zechariah 1v17 that your gospel move through the realms of prosperity’s for the sake of populating your kingdom let my heaven open and release my heavenly inheritance for me in Jesus name Amen (2) o lord let your favour get me the result that my effort can not get me in Jesus name Amen (3) lord these season do what my mockers and enemies will see and there mouth will closed and closed for ever in Jesus name Amen

  201. Hello my name is ozoigwe samuel.. From Nigeria
    I want you to pray to God for divine Restoration upon me and my family,promotion, connection, good health ,admissions, great jobs and the ugre to sarve Him more..

  202. Man of God pls pray fr me i nid a job nd breakthrough nd stability i nid a husband nd strength to pray pls man of God.I know it is done in Jesus name thank u Daddy

  203. Major 1. I am highly indebted, am a widow, no promtion in my work place. Please pray for financial favour so that I can pay back om monday. So that I can gey a rich man to marry me, pray to restore my business and promotion.

  204. Man of God please pray for me and my family for health.wealth .love and peace in our home…..i also want to grow spiritualy in Jesus Name Amen

  205. I pray that God of major one give me miracle worker money husband baby and good heart me and my family solution my documents and my friend document. I pray that God of major one help me to find my father in Jesus Christ name I pray Amen amen Amen amen thank you major one I love you

  206. Pray for me so that I should get the employed this year to help my family and for my small business and even my family my mum and relatives. I asked all these in the e mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN

  207. Prayer 4 breakthrough, my husband have been jobless 4many years, he had been facing disapointment here n there, d case was so critical dat he couldnt have his own accommodation, i believe wit ur prayer, God wil turn our situation around, more annointy sir.

  208. I pray for my family finances n for us to prosper….I pray for my Family God Always in my Family , God answer all my Prayer .

  209. Pleaae join me in prayers for;
    Increased patronage in my business
    For God to heal all areas of my marriage and relationship with my husband

  210. I ask for the Lord up above to bless me with the much needed knowledge, wisdom and intelligence for the coming exams died next month, may I be blessed to overcome every question that comes my way, may I remember what I have studied in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  211. Please pray for me. My husband tells me he is not happy anymore. I struggle everday wondering if he is gonna leave. I am hanging on by a thread. Im extremely overeeight and only want to be the beautiful soul i once was.

  212. Please pray for me, my pastor want to chase me out of the church because of the gift of prophecy that I have. He says i shouldn’t prophecy. He only says I must stick on the word.

  213. Man of God the first day l came to your church l bought my annointing oil and have the faith that as l use it my husband will come along. I need you to pray for me for that husband to come into my life as l have told myself that l am tired of being used by other womens husbands – cheating with them.

  214. Please pray for my marriage, I pray for permanent restoration of my marriage in Jesus’s name, financial breakthrough in Jesus’s name Amen

  215. Pray for me to be the best in the interview, to be able to be transferred by my department abroad to work there in Jesus name. Amen

  216. My name is Mirabel. Please pray for me with the following points
    1. That God should bring back my only brother who has been missing for three years now.
    2. That God should bless my family financially
    3. That God should bless me with a life partner

  217. Mostly I need Jesus Christ in my life, it like sometimes I do forget that am a Christian I need Jesus where ever I go. I also need Jesus to be with me in studies so that I pass with very good grades, support my financial status and I need Jesus to give good health to every member of my family. Amen

  218. Man of God, my name is Israel from Ghana.. Please, pray for me to receive my financial breakthrough as I’ve been going through a lot of difficulty in my life.. Amen!

  219. Please pray for permits for my family, my children will be expelled on Monday because they don’t have study permits, l need financial breakthrough ,prosperity, peace ,longer lives, wisdom and knowledge, Devine health, unmeritted favour, God show me that you are a living God, my case is urgent

  220. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, ideas, understanding, and grace of God upon my life to lead my people in the right direction.

    • My father and my God, surrounded by the riches that you have bequeathed to me I will never again complain of what I lack. In you I have everything. Everything! All honour and glory be to your peerless name for ever. Amen

  221. Pray That God should bless n cause an unmerited favour to fall upon the EGBULE’s family n also bless OKAWU LAZARUS with a good job n create an open door in evry dimension of
    his life. Amen

  222. My prayer request…I need God to Give me a husband and help me choose wisely and get married before this year ends..also pray for my family

  223. Good morning Man of God

    My name is Leah from Cape Town, please pray for me for financial breakthrough, a car, house and drivers licence this year. I’m also waiting on a husband this year. Pray also for my spiritual eyes and ears to be open. I don’t want to walk in fear and doubt anymore. I want to be sold out for God and walk in His confidence.

    Please and Thank you Man of God.

    I ask it in Jesus name


  224. Pls pray for my spiritual upliftment, financial breakthrough, family deliverance, family healing, I need my life to move to another level in Jesus name..and pray for me and my sister to get a jobs, a houses and a cars…and and for my sister to fall pregnant with twins and for me to get married in Jesus name.

  225. This day i pray that God will give me understanding in school. I pray that God will walk with me through my final year in school and grant me outstanding success. I pray that God will bless my relationship, and make it solid. God i am also praying for financial breakthrough and peace of heart.

  226. Good morning sir, pastor please pray for me in my education in my exams in my result I want to graduate when my mate are graduating inform school let nothing hold me back in school, father bless me with future partner, bless me financially, bless me with a good heart that gives out to people let me be helper to the worldwide, FATHER LORD lift me higher bless the work of my hands, single me out for blessings in JESUS name AMEN

  227. Mon nom est: EZANI MOKOUA HENRIETTE je ivoirienne precisement en Côte d’Ivoire
    Bonjour Pasteur j’aimerai que vous priez pour moi. Car pa le passé j’avais une vie stable jusqu’à ce que les ennemis de ma famille ce sont levé contre moi pour m’ôter la vie mais Dieu m’a fais grâce je vie. L’année qui a suivi ils ont attaqués mes finances. Aujourd’hui je me retrouve a zéro donc prié pour moi pour retrouver ma santé mes finances et mon travail. Homme de Dieu priez pour pour je me mari et pour que je voyage pour l’Europe ou les USA s’il vous plait Pasteur Chris priez pour moi et ma fille pour qu’elle retrouve usage de sa vie elle est sous l’emprise du diable c’est-à-dire elle est dans la sorcellerie prié pour qu’elle sois délivrer de ça .

  228. I nee God”s touch in my life in my family people hate my family for noting even those my parent help.
    I went God to promote me in every aria of my life . I want to marry this year . and God should bless my brothers and sisters and keep my mother for us
    God should bless my brother that is out of my country God bless him for us AMEN

  229. Please pray for me i need financial break through, i need the wisdom to make the right choices, i need Gods protection over my family, friends, relatives and my country. I also need employment.


  230. Dear god please help me,give me a peace of mind,salvation, strength, make hear ur word and obey it.all break all the curses that burden to me, help me to success my studies,breakthrough of financial,give me de partner of my life,health

  231. Need Your Valuable Prayers Dear Sir It’s Very Important In My Life,
    Thanks For Your Valuable Prayers,
    Evangelist Bijoy George,
    Jesus’s Pace Forward Mission

  232. Father in Jesus name I pray to open up the doors so that my financial projects to be realized and only the glory back to you, I’d like to see the breakthrough in my ministry, my travailn gives me a faithful heart, a humble heart and an obedient heart

  233. Hello and blessing’s this is my prayer request : For the lawsuit to get finished up and settled and to victorious and vindicated of any wrong doing which it wasn’t Joey’s fault for any of the damages that were done to him that was unfairly done to Him good outcome .to also get his music career back on track to play his music once again in a band or his own band .my career to get up and running now for everything good with it for all of the wonderful job’s that go along with my career too .for all of our bills to be paid off at this time no more debt towards and company .to take care of our basic needs such as shopping for groceries and other personal needs too to always have the money that we need and want for everything at this time to always have money coming in for our car situation to get two brand new cars at this time because our’s right now are not doing to well at this time because they need some work done which is to expensive for us to fix up that’s why we need the new cars and low payments for us to handle at this time for my my own personal needs to finish up some dental work and cosmetic work and to always have prosperity and abundance come our way for all areas in our life at this time to keep it coming in and to eventually be able to move or relocate for my career to have my home in California on the beach and to have a windfall of any type to cover it all no more lack and poverty now and good news for all matter’s through the phone regular mail and e-mail and everything we touch turns to gold Thank You God Bless You for this request and Amen .PS: i almost forgot one day to have a new Love come my way for everything that i want .

  234. Major 1 please pray for me . I loose my Job 20july now am not working please help am suffering to pay my rent n my dept . Pray for me to get a new nice job n a good health . Amen . Major do something

  235. Man of God,, I have alot of challenges, addicted to pain killers (actions), my carrier (education) not good at all, affliction, relationship problems, sickness the all family

  236. Please pray for that God in his infinite mercy should give to me wisdom, knowledge and understanding, make a way for me where there is no way, break protocol all because of my sake and send help to me in every direction….. I promise to show appreciation for all God will do for me, use what he bless me with to help people.

  237. Man of God

    Please Pray for me and my family for a breakthrough and good health; and that what we deserve from must not be controlled by a human being or Satan and his Agents we condemn that in Jesus Christs name….
    Please be with us in Prayers si that our lifes must be shaped and luck and all God’s Glory;tenderness;favour and grace must fall up on me and family not forgetting my enemies he must also increase they living days toof see our success.
    I pray for a progressive way forward in our life and our children’s future and pray that the cloak of Jesus blood to cover us in this bad time of this life challenges we are going through with no financial support from no one;and ashame those who are rejoicing on our down fall and surprise us Lord with you malicious maricle put the to shame and show them you can make the impossible become possible……….Amen

  238. Father, please no more delay in my life. Give me rest in this month of rest maritally IJN. Let there be no more fruitless effort in my ever again IJN. ..Amen

  239. I pray that God give me peace and happiness. I have a fight with my family and since this started I am no happy. I pray for a job a house and heaLtd kids. I pray for our wedding and health family

  240. Praise and Thank God !
    On 14th September is my Husband’s Birthday, plz pray for his complete salvation. Will pray that God will speak to him on his birthday.

  241. Please pray for me, am struggling with the sudden break up with my ex boy friend. I feel like things are going wrong around me. Issues at work and rejection.

  242. Please pray for me that every strange woman in my marriage would be removed using Ada Chioma as a point of contact to all the strange women in marriage that my husband may take up his full responsibilities on my children & I

  243. Please my prayer request is for the Lord to bless me with the fruit of the womb and for financial breakthrough. Also, I want God to increase my faith in him. Amen

  244. Pls Almighty God…. Promote In my place of work before the end of this year in Jesus name (amen)
    pls Almighty God… Help me in Education…. Let me come out in flying colors
    Help me father to get married to the right person in Jesus name

  245. Oh God I need your healing in my life. I want to be a successful man on earth, financially, spiritually and morrally. Please men of God pray for me concerning my marriage this year, I believe with God all things are possible and it shall be permanent. Thank you lord for my prayer is answered. Amen.

  246. I need prayer for breakthrough, favor and success in every part of my life, I want to grow spiritually and I ask my heavenly to open my doors unlimited blessings for me (In Jesus Name).

  247. 1.Father,pls let me gain admission into university this year. 2. Father,pls let mine and my sister’s sight be restored back to normal in jesus name. 3. Father,pls make me and my sister excellent in all ramifications and let us receive favour anywhere i find myself. 4. Father,pls let u grace speaks 4 me and let it be sufficient 4 me and my sister

  248. my name is marita am widow with 4 children , currently working in SAUDI ARABIA as a dressmaker,
    please, pray for me to get increased in my salary, i have no house na cos typhoon UNDOY before and typhoon LANDO, totally destroyed, so my 2 children and 1 grandson stay under my house if it rain all of them wet, am from PHILIPPINES, can not afford to build small house to stayed my chiidren, my salary is just enough for their foods, pray for me too that i can go back PHILIPPINES with a healthy body, am too old na , next year 2017 to 18 is my last contract, i want to go PHILIPPINES, for for good na, and i have no house to stay when im with my children, please help me to talk to GOD for my problem, thank you and GODBLESS YOU

  249. I want God to fulfill his promise in my life and lift me up the nation and make me to be head anywhere i am. I want God to establish me so that some people can make it my own company. I want God to give my mummy long life and strong health so that she can eat the fruit of her stress on me. I want God to choose for me when it’s time to married so that me and my family will be worship him till rest of our life.

  250. HOMME DE DIEU, priez pour moi le SEIGNEUR afin que je rentre dans ma Destinée Glorieuse en cette année de Gloire en Gloire. Que le SEIGNEUR confirme les paroles de ses serviteurs dans ma vie, un emploi dans une institution internationale. Que le SEIGNEUR accomplis sa parole dans Esaie 45: 3 dans ma vie. AMEN

  251. Please Man of God, pray for me about my spiritual situation, and my studies situation, I want to reach my goal to be an Engineer in Renewable Energy and help my contry to be free about Energy Problem, I really want you to pray about the finances to allow me to reach my Goal! I believe in God and I believe in you!

    • I jst wnt u 2 pray for me sir for d spirit of stagnancy nd cobwebs 2 stop in my life.I wnt my life 2 move 2 d next level,for me 2 be at d level were am suppose 2 be
      nd I wnt God 2 give me d grace 2 serve him d more



  253. Please pray for my Please pray for me i need financial break through, i need the wisdom to make the right choices, i need Gods protection over my family, friends, relatives and my country. I also need another employment and visa process.
    I thank you in advance for your prayers and I receive it in the name of Jesus!


  255. Please papa I need a breakthrough and protection from God all the time as well as my Angels be strong and be able to do everything for me everywhere…… Miracle money ,my own businesses, power and respect from other peoples as well as be celebrated ……be a multi millionaire…… Those are my prayer requests and I believe that you’ll pray and come true

  256. Please pray for me for my poor health which I’ve been suffering since 2011. For my unemployment and for my family.
    Please for me so that I can have faith and rekindle my spirit with Jesus.

  257. Praise God,please pray for me to get happy and blessed marriage
    May God also open my doors of financial prosper and blessings.amem

  258. Pla man of God , pray for me am down with diabetic for 3 years, now in india , pls pray for me ,and i know No disease JESUS cant cure m know sickness, he cant heal, i want to be free from these disease and pain, pls pray for me ,i pray for wisdom and favour of God
    thanks sir

  259. Pray for my husband to be cure from cancer when he go to the doctor appointment tomorrow and the sell of the property on 2015 Campbellton Rd In Atlanta Ga . for my family and friends to be cover in the name of Jesus. I give God his Glory

  260. praise God. I pray for a breakthrough with my university admission, immigration status for my family, good health and family protection. Also for God to open the doors that the devil has closed In Jesus’ name. Amen

  261. sir please pray for me aginst spirit of disappointment and set back, course of my fore fathers that i dont know about and family problems, sir i need prosperity in my work, what so ever i lay my hands shall be blessed that is what i need from god. Thank you sir

  262. Prophete hope u doing good! Please I need your guidance in my life I can feel there’s something with my life and I have been praying about it with no success I need your help with! Financial breakthrough, deliverance and happiness in my life! Please help me to find myself a friend, partner, Soulmait and a wonderful husbank so I have a happy family

  263. Father God…I pray for a breakthrough in my life. A new paying more job, cured from all my diseases…financial freedom…happiness…my marriage and a child please. I receive all this Jesus name…AMEN.

  264. God, please make me successful in all of my endeavours, as from day, no more fruitless effort in my life. Anywhere I go, I should be favoured and prosper. When your kingdom of God come, i don’t want to be found missing.

  265. Good afternoon Pastor

    My name is Anthea, please pray for me for financial breakthrough, a car, house and I desperately want to obtain my drivers licence this year. Amen ! I’m praying for Financial breakthrough for my partner as well this year! Amen! For far too long have we been down, we want to rise above and out of the financial problems we’ve been under for 9 years. Pray also for my spiritual eyes and ears to be open. I don’t want to walk in fear and doubt anymore. I want to be sold out for God and walk in His confidence.

    Please and Thank you pastor. May God Bless the wonderful work you are doing.

    I ask it in Jesus name, in the name of our father son and the Holy Spirit.


  266. I pray for patience and financial stability, I pray my family will always be understandin. I pray for healing and a closer relationship with God. I pray that God reveals my porous. Thank you Jesus, Amen

  267. My Propherd please pray for me, I am going through a tough time in my family, the devil is fighting me and my husband,,, please help us go through,,, I receive!!!

  268. The great prophet of God my is Ndifreke Uduak David, I prayer request is this:
    I pray for more wisdom, knowledge n understanding
    Am an architect, I pray for more connection n more strong creative…
    I pray for long life n protection for I n my family