Am I Using The Appropriate Time In Shower


When I read that a shower should only take 4 to 5 minutes, I was a little horrified. I knew mine took at least 10. I knew that I washed my hair during nearly every shower, but I couldn’t figure out what took up the rest of the time. It seemed like a time warp happened every time I got in the shower. When I paid more attention, I was able to condense tasks and cut those minutes in half. Below, I will list things I like to do to save time and tips that seem to work for others.

What really has to be done in the shower?

Most of us wash our hair in the shower, and this is often a very time-consuming task. You could consider whether you could be just as happy washing your hair in the sink or under the faucet after turning the shower off. This concentrates the time we spend simply washing our hair, and it makes it easier to turn the water on and off during lathering and conditioning.

Many women shave their legs in the shower, but you may find that it works out better to save that for when you get out. Again, it will use less water because you will only have to run the water when wetting your legs and cleaning the razor. This is also the way to achieve the safest and smoothest shave, because you can sit down and more carefully lather your legs and use the razor.

So, you have to wash your hair in the shower.

I have to admit, I haven’t been able to wash my hair in the sink or tub. It breaks my back, and my hair is long enough that it tries to go down the drain. Ew! So, if you also find this difficult, I have a wealth of opportunities to help you wash your hair in the shower without taking forever.

Consider a 2-in-1 conditioner. If you still need to use two separate products, I have some ideas for you. While you let the water run on your hair to get it wet before shampooing, go ahead and lather your wash cloth. Lay the cloth down somewhere, like on top of the shampoo bottle. Then, apply the shampoo and rinse most of it out. Don’t try to rinse all the shampoo out before putting in the conditioner. I mean, you have to rinse more anyway. While your conditioner is absorbing into your hair, use the wash cloth. Begin to rinse your hair, and do something else you need to do during this time, such as to shave something.

Want to know how long you are staying in the shower?

You could use an egg timer or set an alarm, but it would be much more fun to make a playlist with approximately four minute songs on it. You would have some idea of how far into the song you were, so it would prevent a nasty situation like standing there with soapy hair when the egg timer went off. It is possible to have waterproof iPod players for the shower or to hook a speaker up to a music player and use it in the bathroom outside the shower. If you want to go the cheaper, less gadget-reliant route, you could simply sing a song that was roughly four minutes long.


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