Breaking News: Jude Okoye Finally Breaks Silence On Psquare’s Split – Read what he said||


“You can take a horse to the river, but you can’t force it to drink water” – Jude Okoye Finally Breaks Silence On Psquare’s Split

It is no longer news that the Famous Music Duo, PSquare have finally split, and it has been confirmed following multiple reports from various sources.

Incase you weren’t in the country or had gone on exile during this split – below is reporting it.

Here’s what happened! Peter sparked speculation recently that all was not well with him and his twin brother/business partner – Paul after he referred to himself as Mr. P (his personal brand name).

He also dropped cryptic messages on Instagram, one of it addressing how no one’s opinion should matter about something that makes you happy.

Though no names were mentioned, Paul Okoye replied in a post via his own Instagram page, talking about how the birth of his twins was making someone jealous and restless.

He accused the person of having sleepless nights, and also indirectly called out Peter’s wife Lola – saying; “Only a woman can come where there’s peace and destroy it. Try me this time, I swear Nyash go open. You will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju.”

Reacting to a fan’s comment on his Instagram page, Jude indirectly addressed his brothers, also stating that he’s not the head of their family as people assume!

Well, the singers’ brother, Jude Okoye has finally broken silence on the group’s split.


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