Burglar Who Tried To Rob The Same House Twice Caught And Punished


A social media user Kenneth205, shared that this greedy thief was given a gruesome treatment after he attempted to burgle an apartment in Benin, Edo.

Look hoe he was tied up like a bush meat about to be roasted. The user wrote:

About a month ago some theives invaded my friends house at upper Sokponba in Benin City, broke through the window, and made away with some Valuable, his laptop, phone and jewelries, and yesterday at 4 am the same robber try to do the same to his street neighbors, and behold he was caught, beaten and handed over to the police



  1. Prayers for about this evil man Graham Baker, who is raping, beaten and pulls my hair out, cuts my nails,shavesme,much damage to my looks and features,performances witchcraft in my sleep every night 12am-5am, unable to awaken this man has tried to kill me ,no relationship between us I rejected him, this out of vengeance only wants to hurt and destroy me, mentally, physically, spiritual, I lost everything,home, family, friends,money ,steals and destroys clothing and personal items.Because I want nothing to do with this man .Going on years of suffering at his evil hands.Cruel,Vandictive


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