Couples And Joint Investment: Where Do You Stand


A lot of couples today;in fact, a great number of couples, make investments together. That is, bringing money together to buy properties.

But the issue here is the argument about whose name should be on the documents. A couple buys a land together and the man says that it’s only his name that should go on the document. If perchance the woman begins to object, she is placated by her name being penned down as next of kin.

Well, that doesn’t make any kind of sense. Gone are the days when women are relegated to the background and have no say in the society. Today, we have female CEOs and presidents.

If a woman works and contributes a part of her earning with that of her husband, in getting a property; then she deserves to have her name on the papers that show proof of ownership as well.

Many of us should have heard stories, or even seen cases, whereby a formerly married couple decides to go their separate ways ; and when it’s time to share the properties they owned together, the man refuses, on the ground that the woman’s name is not written anywhere on the documents of ownership. Most times, said women lose out completely because they don’t have enough proof to make a case in court.

It’s nobody’s wish that anything would go wrong in their marriage, but no one knows tomorrow. A woman who purchases any kind of property with her husband, should insist that every paper concerning said property, bears her full name alongside that of her husband. Not just Mr. and Mrs. Somebody, but her first name too. This does not mean that you don’t love or trust your partner. It only means that you’re doing what is supposed to be done.

A property owned by two people should have it documented so. And the lawyer tasked with drawing up such a document should make sure that if the need arises, each party would take their own share of the investment. That way, stories about an ex cheating their estranged out of their properties, would gradually become a thing of the past.

What do you think, people? We’d like to read your opinions.


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