FIA singer and award-winning artiste, Davido, shows his generosity as he celebrates his birthday in advance.  Few days ahead of his 25th birthday which is coming up on November 21st, Davido bought iPhone X for all his crew members.

Yes you heard us right! iPhone X… all his crew members! Pictures show the phone boxes displayed on a table, and the singer popped a bottle of wine too – he wrote on his Snapchat “birthday starts now.”

I’m sure some of you are wishing you’re on Davido’s crew now, aren’t you? How much does an iPhone X cost now? Anybody know?

I guess he’s gotta live up to the Omo Baba Olowo name, doesn’t he? Do you think it’s too much? Or that he has a right to spend his money the way he wants? And on who he wants?

See video below:

See comments and reactions of fans on the issue:

  • I usually don’t comment on posts but this one weak me abeg @edunsoe…. @davidoofficial those remaining two on the table,are they excess? Pls send one to me plsssssss….its only guys that benefited from this generosity shaaa…see them dragging feet like they get such gestures everyday…me I will start rolling on the floor out and screaming of excitement
  • That’s why dey want to fight and kill each other for davido? In d long run he’ll wear black and mourn dem for a few days like he did DJ Olu n Tagbo, Spesh will post more videos of himself crying crocodile tears on social media and after a week dey are forgotten n d battle for supremacy continues. #Smh
  • The funniest thing is that they might not even appreciate it and will seat to talk about how he could have given them the money. I pray they are loyal ooooo cos some enemies are better than close pals.
  • Errm what about your fans that support your music nko😕?

Still on the subject of birthdays, it’s also PSquare’s birthday today and they impressed their fans when they put their feud aside today and each posted a picture showing ‘em both. Can they end this war already?



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