Dear Human You Are One Of A Kind


Few things are as satisfying as having confidence. But this attribute doesn’t come easy. Without self love,confidence is a mirage. And self love doesn’t come easy either. Not when there’s a craving for societal validation. Where one needs another’s approval to feel good about themselves.That is where some people get it wrong.

The first step is knowing that we’re all unique in our different ways.The only person you are better than,is the person you were before. Wishing that you were someone else, is a waste of whom you are. That’s like telling God that He made a mistake with you, and God doesn’t make mistakes.

No two people are the same. Not even twins. More often than not, those whose approval we seek are worse off than we are. That is why what someone else thinks of you, should not bring you down. As long as what you’re doing is morally right and not infringing on any body’s rights, you owe nobody but God,any explanation.

Nobody can love you more than you choose to love yourself. Be your own cheerleader.Stereotypes were made by people like you.If you don’t like them, set your own standards. Do not envy anybody’s looks. You have something that they wish they had, best believe.

Speak positivity into your life. Look at yourself in the mirror and remember that you are important, else you’ll not be here.

Settling for less is out of the question. When one loves themselves completely, they attract the right people to them. They become a bright light in a dark, dark world. And nobody would be able to pull them down. Nobody’s validation is needed.Theirs is enough.

I hope this speaks to at least, one person today. You are beautiful. You are worth it. Your dreams are valid.


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