Discovering Your Talent


My Dear Reader, We are all blessed with inmate abilities to embark on certain things even though we are not told exactly what they are. We just have to define ourselves and find out what we are good at.

Sometimes, we have use our intelligence in strategising what we are being or not order to do. In doing so, we sometimes misconstrue skills for talent. Skill is what you know or understand through learning.

My Devoted Reader, You can never learn or acquire talent but it can be developed. Just because we are good at something doesn’t means it’s a talent, does it? For it to be a talent, we have got really enjoy it! Talent is different from skill because of it’s exceptional hallmark. It hatches matchless product of Superior quality unique to just talented person – you! Unfortunately, not all abilities are easy to discover such as talent of acting,singing or even drawing.
Sometimes, you need to search deeply into your very being and be honest with yourself you’d be amazed at how much you might find about yourself if you tried it is sometimes difficult finding your talent, but once found they can be nurtured and developed. Below are some steps to discover the hidden talents in you!

First, find out what You love doing and give. Next you need to find a mentor. It is ok to practise by yourself but at some point, you have to nurture your talent by finding a tutor to guide you through and help you bring out the best in you. Imagine what merlin would have became if his mother had not sent him to be tutored by Gains. Imaggine what messi would have became if he was not helped by barcelona.

My friend, find someone who will help you bring out and nurture that gift in you. Take note of what you tend to struggle with or what makes you feel awkward and out of place, some people are great talkers but are dwarfed at the simple thought of writing. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to develop your skills in areas that are not your forte. Though, it will help you to achieve a level of competency, you may never be the best at it because it is just not your talent. For you to be the best at it, it requires talent, hardwork and smartwork.

My Amiable Reader, find your talent and make a living out of it or a hobby or just derive self-satisfaction from doing what you love doing best!

May your Talent favour you

written by-haybee


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