Domestic Abuse Should Be Stopped


Why would someone keep battering the person they vowed to love and protect? That’s a question which always begs to be answered, when one comes across yet another case of wife battery.

Domestic violence are actions that cause harm, fright, terror, emotional / psychological disturbance, financial blackmail, isolation, degradation et al, to one’s partner.

In this country Nigeria, one in four women experience abuse in the hands of their significant other. And only a small percentage are bold enough to talk about it. Usually because our society sees it as a woman’s fault when she’s being abused. She’s thought to be too stubborn and aggressive, reason she is always being ‘taught a lesson.’

Stringent laws against domestic abusers, have not been implemented, therefore, they get away with their actions. And because of this, a lot of victims do not bother to go reporting their husbands for abuse or battery. They know that they’ll get little or no attention.

Culturally, it is seen as a next to normal thing, when a man hits his wife. The woman is even reprimanded in many cases, and blamed for always bringing out the man’s violent side. She is asked to go and sin no more, while the man struts about like a peacock, revelling in his ‘manliness.’

And all these contributes in making thousands of women stay back in abusive relationships. They’d rather be beaten black and blue than get help. More often than not, the children are severely affected psychologically, by the things they see and hear over the years.

In many cases, the victim is sent to an early grave, because she was scared of what friends and the society would say. She becomes another statistic and the abuser walks free, thanks to a country that doesn’t take domestic issues very seriously. The incident is swept under the carpet and the beast even goes ahead to remarry if they feel like.

Domestic violence is wrong. It’s a violation of human rights. Anti violence laws should be properly implemented and campaigns should be carried out. Women should be taught that it’s not normal to be treated horribly by their spouses and boys should be taught that the hands should never be raised against a woman. If they want to kick something, they should go kick a ball.


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