EASY Steps To Check For Cervical Mucus


Cervical mucus (CM) or cervical fluids in a simple words is the fluid produced by the cervix during your cycle, says experts. Every woman and young ladies should be able to decode and check for this fluids without stress.

If you are trying to make baby or trying to avoid conception, observing the mucus can be very helpful in determining your fertile period. Here are few steps to check yours:

You can easily check for colour, stretchiness and texture after wiping with your tissue paper. Don’t forget to log/chart what you see in a notebook to help predict ovulation.

If you are in for the internal test, make sure your hands are very clean, insert your middle finger into your vag!na, then remove the finger to observe the mucus. To get this right, roll the mucus and feel it with another of your finger by pressing your fingers together, and then slowly moving them apart to check the stretchiness.

Note that it is very important to check, observe and log what you see and feel daily to recognise the pattern of your fluids.

What to look out for by Experts: If there is no mucus on your finger, the body is not ovulating at that time. When you feel a creamy mucus, it is a sign that ovulation is on the way. Then, if you feel something wet, that is the first sign of ovulation.

The Egg White. Just like the name, it is stretchy, clear and looks like raw egg whites. If you feel it, yhe mucus can be stretched about 5cm or more without breaking and acording to experts, you are most fertile when you see that clear, stretchy mucus.

By observing these changes ‘down there’ daily, you can easily detect your most fertile days and increase your chances of getting pregnant if you are ready for one.


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