For Men: How To Keep Your Pen!S Clean And Healthy


As a man, your p3nis is the main s3xual organ you have and keeping it healthy and sweet, for s3x and loving is very important. A healthy s3x and love life is very important to our general wellbeing. If you doubt that, ask those who have been s3x starved by their husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or those who have no one to love at all.

Here are simple tips to help keep your pen!s clean and healthy

Always wash your little man: A clean pen!s is very, very, very important. So you should wash your pen!s with warm water at least twice a day. Focus on it for a few minutes during your morning shower time and repeat when you’re back at work, times spent in the toilet at work.

If you clean, clean very well: Dirt can hide in the folds of your scrotum, so go under the penis shaft and gently scrub your scrotal sac. For those who are uncircumcised, also pull back the foreskin and wash underneath with warm water.

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Consume alcohol in moderation: In small amounts, alcohol can alleviate anxiety and act as a vasodilator (increasing blood flow) and can actually improve erectile function, but in large amounts it can be a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Shaving/trimming may not be a bad idea: Leaving too much hair around the penis is not so cool. First, during sex, the hair can cause cuts on the organs and the condoms. Also, hair around the base of the penis can be breeding ground for boils and cause bad odour. Best option is to either shave or keep it short and clean.

Always be conscious of infections around the penis: You can never pamper your penis too much. So, as soon as you notice an infection — chiefly boil, cuts or rashes get help immediately. If you allow it to generate into something else, trouble is on the way.

You should not use a single boxer two days in a row: Many guys use one boxer for a whole week, or even a month! For health reasons, change your boxers every day. This is more important with guys that sweat a lot. The odour of your dirty boxer may give your penis a permanent bad smell, breed painful boils and, should your woman ever attempt oral, you’ll leave a bad taste in her mouth.

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Minimize stress: Stress causes the release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline narrows blood vessels, which negatively impacts erections. If you ever have experienced “performance anxiety” it was because of adrenaline release in response to nervousness. Excessive cortisol secretion, which helps drives your appetite, causes the accumulation of the bad belly fat.


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