Healthy And Balanced Food For Your Body – Part 2


Human body is a machine and a machine become tired with the daily work of the full day the meal which we eat is not enough for work all the day because we become fatigue and tied with the less work .today the modern man is very crazy for the junk foods especially the kids are the fond of fast food they want to eat that food and skip the nutrient food of the homemade so they become sick and do you know that the fat and calories has much need to be power because due the use of fat and calories make us ill so we should use the balanced diet in our daily routine some foods are good for health we use these foods except of the three time meals and skip the junk because it is garbage all the unhygienic things are used in it that make us ill.

Some people eat food but these are not good for health it only gaining your weight and give you fat and bulky body so there is a big difference between the balanced diet and the harmful foods so if you want to become strong and healthy then stay with us and see the different things which are essential for our body.


In the lunch time eat salad because in the vegetable protein, fiber and the iron quantity is found with the lunch eat the lettuce ,cucumber and the carrots ,cauliflower, onions and the beetroot is the in the salad in the salad add vinegar and mix it with the black paper it is good salad you can eat it will help you to digest your lunch and increase your hunger if you are on the dieting and want to skip the meals then eat the salad because salad keep you smart and fulfill your meal need.

Brown bread and brown rice:


For the healthy and balanced diet you should eat the brown rice because brown rice is good for the health it keep you away from the belly blots white rice increase your weight and the brown rice is perfect for the dieting and keep you healthy with the salan eat brown its taste is same but is is useful for our health than the white rice and brown bread is good for maintaining your health and with the bread you can eat one egg in the breakfast because in the egg full, portion of protein is present that give us healthy and balanced diet at whole day

Many other diets:


There are many other foods which are good for health a person who want to live healthy and strong that should use these things like.

Egg ,pulses, cereals, meat, salmon , lemon juice , cardamom, aniseed , butter ,yogurt ,milk and the green tea because these all things are very useful for s in these all things proteins ,vitamins, calcium, iron or magnesium is found all are essential for our body because without all these things we become fatigue and our body remain dull and lazy so with these diet walk and exercise is compulsory because it maker your body active and in your daily routine at least take exercise half an hour daily.


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