Home Made Conditioner You Need To Try Out


It is impossible to manage damaged hair and it needs requires a lot of care and attention. Lustrous black, thick voluminous hair is the symbol of our health both internally and externally. When your hair is damaged, it leads to many hair problems such as split ends that limit hair growth. If further action is not taken, the split ends start moving upwards causing your hair to lose its natural sheen and thickness.

There are many ways by which you can take care of damaged hair by using simple homemade hair conditioner for dry damaged hair. With the help of certain natural ingredients, you can create great conditioners and hair masks to regain healthy hair texture. Here is a homemade hair conditioner you can make in your home.


Over ripe banana


Aloe vera

Lime or lemon

Olive oil

Shea butter



Mash your banana and avocado, add aloe vera, lime, olive oil, shea butter and honey.

Mix it together and make a paste with it.

Divide your into halves, add your paste and cover your hair with a cap.

Allow it sit for as long as you want, then wash off and see the difference.


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