How Nigerians Are Underestimating God


Nigeria is a country which has a population of about 173.6 million as estimated in the year 2013, constituting about 300 different tribes. The Nigerians still live together in peace as one whole tribe regardless of the ever increasing number of population and various tribes they belong to.

God says in the book of Leviticus 19: 12 that “Do not swear falsely by my Name and so profane the name of your God. I am the Lord”

As stated by God himself that, He had made us into tribes for the purpose of we been able to recognize ourselves. In Nigeria today, the manner at which we underestimate the name of God is a way in which Nigerians could be recognized. Swearing in the name of God with the statement “WALLAHI” or “I swear to God” has now been transformed from a religious act to be among the Nigerian general culture. It is common among the Muslims and Christians alike, be it Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik, Takanda and the rest of the tribes. 

The oath is a solemn appeal to God to witness one’s determination or to emphasize a matter by mentioning a glorified one in particular. Today, most Nigerians are ignorant of this fact as it has now become the culture of the state because; it has been passed from the past generation to this present generation. Most Nigerians have been ignorant about the greatness and implications of this statement from the beginning of time except the knowledgeable ones amidst them. This is the reason you could hear people swearing to God on false occasions which both religions actually frown against. 

An average Nigerian utter the statement WALLAHI or “I swear to God” at least fifteen times a day because he/she sees it as a normal slang for the purpose of affirming a fact, regardless of the fact that what he/she is swearing about is false. Most Nigerians are not doing this because they don’t know they are swearing in the name of God, indeed they know; rather they are doing it in accordance to what they met in their society. But they couldn’t recognize any fault in it so they joined the society in underestimating God’s name in their day to day activities.


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