How To Eat Less And Feel More Satisfied – Part 1


I don’t want to be too cheeky, but let’s face it – chances are you’re looking to lose a few pounds. You can admit it you know. I won’t tell anyone. And besides, who isn’t? Most of us are in the same boat, or have been at some stage. This so-called epidemic is no surprise, if you think about it. After all, it’s been a long while since the days when we had to hunt for our food and occasionally go without. In fact, the situation now is pretty much the exact opposite of those caveman days. Wherever you look, there’s food. On every corner abound temptations and treats. And it seems that just about every event you attend offers up endless amounts of the stuff. You just can’t get away.

And whether you’re someone who simply likes to indulge in good food or whether you’re doing your best to cut back but just never quite seem to fill up, I think I can help.

The truth is that there are certain approaches to eating that you may not have come across – ways to feel fuller and more energized by eating less food. Even better, there are a several very particular types of food that are actually designed to satisfy with just a small amount. I’m sure you can already think of one or two of these, but let me refresh your memory. Rest assured – eating for weight loss and for health doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck chowing down on nothing but raw veg or salad and whole-grains all day long. Quite the contrary …
1.Include Smart Fats At Every Meal.
It’s true that each gram of fat has around 9 calories, compared to 4 for each gram of carbohydrates or protein. But who said that’s a bad thing? When you choose good fats, not only does this dense amount of energy keep you feeling full for longer, you can actually boost your metabolism and spark endless bouts of energy. Talk about a recipe for success!

The smartest fats for satiety and metabolism are those that include some essential Omega 3, such as grass-fed rich proteins, eggs, walnuts and oily fish. Coconut oil is also a wonderful fat for burning fat and providing satisfaction, and avocado or extra virgin olive oil in just small amounts will definitely turn an ordinary salad or meal into a belly-filling delight.
•Don’t Forget The Power Of Protein
One of the best things about protein is that despite its low calorie per gram rating, it’s extremely energy-dense. This means it fills you up and keeps you full. In fact, protein is even said to trigger the satiety hormone PYY. And it doesn’t take much.

For example, if you usually choose a protein-free breakfast such as cereal, oats, fruit or yogurt (okay that has a little protein, but not much), and you find yourself hungry again after just an hour or two, then try simply adding a boiled egg to your morning meal. You’ll be amazed how something so simple can allow you to easily keep going through even the busiest and most active of mornings. The same rule applies for lunch, for dinner, and even for snacks (nuts or organic dairy are both good here) if possible.

While many people eat protein in the evening, lunch can often be more sandwich or salad based. Nothing wrong with that, but you can make it last longer simply by adding some fresh fish, some chicken or beef strips, or even another egg to your meal. And that’s far better than being overtaken by hunger pangs later in the afternoon and giving in to candy!


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