How to Pick Yourself Up from Disappointment


Accept it, you will not always get everything you want. Disappointments happen once in a while. It’s either you disappoint yourself or somebody disappoints you. Whichever one it is, it’s not something to spend the whole time getting worked up about.

When stuff does not go the way we want, it’s important to note that planting yourself to one place as a result, would not solve the problem. In life, we all have little windows of opportunity, so it’s best to make good use of them.

Find some other opportunity after a disappointment, or go look for a positive distraction. Sulking and bottling things up weakens the immune system and makes one susceptible to violent outbursts. It’s not always easy to get over disappointments, but the least you could do is try. If you were disappointed by someone, you’re allowed to feel bad, but don’t stew in it forever. See it as a lesson, forgive them and move on, with or without them.

There’s a saying that one of God’s greatest gifts to us, is unanswered prayers. I believe it. And that’s because I’ve lived it. I’ve been in situations that at the time, seemed like a horror movie to me, but now, in retrospect, I’m glad that they had to happen the way they did. Some experiences I saw as disappointments then, have shaped me into the unbreakable person that I am today. And for all of those, I’m most grateful.

So, when you hear people say that disappointments are blessings in disguise, don’t wave it away with a snort. That’s life. God knows the best for His children. I’ve lived it. I know. Don’t let any setback keep you down. Shalom.


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