It’s Not A Celebrity Job To Train Your Child


A lot of people have conveniently forgotten that celebrities are human beings too. The way they hinge their expectations on these public figures, is laughable at times.

They are not allowed to do anything they like, because people are by the sidelines, waiting to tear them apart at the slightest opportunity. Well, thanks to technology, we now have access to these people.

So, we can at the click of buttons, tell a public figure how we feel about  their behaviour. Even when it is neither necessary nor solicited for. We cuss them. We bash them. We even go as far as trying to pull them down, because they did not behave in ways that we find acceptable. We tell them that they are setting bad examples for our children by acting a certain way, and even curse them for leading our children astray.

Well, excuse me. These people are human beings. And human beings are uniquely different. It’s true that they have to filter stuff they say and do most times, because of their younger audience, but asking them to lose their personalities because it’s different from what you believe in, does not make any kind of sense.

Train your child in the way they should go, and even seeing celebrities indulge in vices, would not move them. Do you job as a parent and stop blaming some random person for doing what you refused to do ; for teaching your child.

They are not child minders. They are not baby sitters. They are also human beings. They also make wrong choices. They should not be burdened with training our children too. A child that is trained right is not in any danger of being influenced by some celebrity or the society.

Like it or not, that’s the truth. A lot of things are not going anywhere soon, so the best thing is to teach your children to know right from wrong. Thoughts?


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