Making Children Love Books


Children of today have a number of interesting and enticing distractions. Hence, it is no surprise that reading books happens to be at the bottom of the preferred list of activities of many kids. But these distractions can not be as good as book reading because most of them do not induce creativity in children. Therefore, it is imperative that parents take all possible steps for making their kids love books.

One of the best benefits of book-reading is it will improve the overall proficiency in children. It will induce their creativity also. As a parent, you can adopt the following simple ways for developing the book-reading habit in your kids.

Importance Of Regular Reading

You must include reading to your children in your daily to-do list. If you follow this schedule meticulously, your children will gradually develop the habit of reading. Seema Hingorany, a psychologist, says that this is one of the excellent ways to make your children love reading.

Choose Books Wisely

Initially, the books you choose for your children must match their existing interests. You must therefore know their interests and then, begin the process of making them develop an interest in reading. After some time, they may start reading books of all genres.

Be A Role Model

If you have the reading habit, it will rub off on your children also. So, the best way to make them love the habit of reading is to be a role model. If they see you reading regularly, they will also imbibe the habit.

For making wise choice of books for your children, it is better you enroll in a good library. There may be a number of reading groups in your place and you can join the groups also. Another benefit if you enroll yourself in a library is you can get the books you require without incurring substantial expenses. On the other hand, if you try to buy books, you may have to spend a lot on them.


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