Man City Star Dumped By Girl Friend After Car Crash |


Just only a few days after his ill-fated car crash, Man City striker, Sergio Aguero has been reportedly dumped by his hot girlfriend and mother of his son.

Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero has been dumped by his  girlfriend, Karina Tejeda just two days after he was involved in an accident in Amsterdam.
Aguero had been dating Karina, known as The Little Princess in their Argentinian homeland, not less than four years.

The Sun on Sunday reported it, narrating that Karina got angry after hearing that Aguero attended a party with several ­models without her knowledge.

The striker was reported to have gone along with team-mates from the national side ahead of an international match.

Aguero was hurt in Amsterdam on Thursday when his taxi skidded and hit a lamp-post.

In a tweet, the ace, who had just been to a gig in the Netherlands’ capital, described it as a “very heavy slam”.

Karina only learned of the smash from an Argentinian TV reporter.

The Manchester City player broke a rib when his taxi skidded on the road and hit a lamp post in Amsterdam.She appeared blasé when told, ­shrugging her shoulders as she said: “Really? I didn’t know. Oh well.”

Last week, she spoke about the couple’s break up while appearing on a cookery TV show in Argentina.



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