Men are masters over their wives – Chris Oyakhilome


The post avows that spouses are experts over their wives and that wives are not equivalent to their husbands. The article additionally goes further to clarify how the lady is under the power of the man dependably and not power sharers as broadly trusted in a few quarters. Perused the intriguing article beneath:


Spouse does not mean the male accomplice in a marriage, husband implies expert. The purpose behind most issues in Christian relational unions is the way that ladies discredit God’s meaning of marriage and structure theirs. They trust they are equivalent accomplices. In the event that most ladies had their fathers sufficiently striking to converse with them, they will be extremely fruitful in their marriage and they will be exceptionally upbeat individuals. Most ladies have never been educated by their folks, their fathers especially and that is their most serious issue since they don’t know who a man is, they think he is another lady.

In marriage, you have the man who is the head of that union and because he’s the head of that union, its important to understand him. You think he’s the one that needs to understand his wife and that is where you are wrong. He will eventually but you have to know the type of man you are married to and his needs.When you say you are marrying a man, you are coming under his authority. The Bible says, the man is the head of the woman (1 Corinthians 11:3) so when you marry him you come under his authority, you are not authority sharers even though you are both heirs to the kingdom of God.When you decide not to subject yourself to that authority, you are a rebel and God is not going to accept what you are doing because you are not functioning correctly.


  1. Comment:Pray for there is attack in my life every thing that im trying to do is dying its like there is a curse in my life pls help me to overcome in Jesus name

    • Jesus was made a curse for us to be blessed, because cursed is anyone that hangs on the tree. God has given us every authority to be heirs to his throne. Decree and it shall be established, no one can pray for you like you because only you knows where its pinching. Praise God like never before and see what happens next.


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