New Year Resolution: Have You Made Yours


Happy New Year, y’all. We thank God for keeping us alive to see this beautiful year. And we pray that it’ll be way better than the previous ones.

Now, to the topic at hand; new year resolutions. How many people ever made new year resolutions at least once? * raises hand * How many people forgot their resolutions even before the next month? * raises hand again *

New year resolutions is just a fancy name for making promises to oneself that would not be kept. So, why wait for a new year to decide to be a better person? Really, why? And then, why revert back to a person you dislike after a short time?

Bettering yourself shouldn’t be something you’ll wait for a whole year to do. Someone finds a flaw in themselves that need to be corrected, it should bother them enough to work on it the next minute.

Then, there’s the psychological aspect. You make a new year resolution, you fall short of the resolution, then there’s this accompanying sense of guilt that comes with it. And when that happens, before you know it, you’ve dropped the resolution totally. Back to square one. Back to bad habits you’re really not ready to break.

New year resolutions in my opinion, are more ritualistic than effective. You want to change something about your behaviour or attitude, now is the time. Don’t wait for the first day of a new year to be a better person. Thoughts?


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