Obsessive Love VS Real Love: How To Know The Differences (Part 2)


You met this chick yesterday and you feel in love at first sight. You have a chat with her and you ask her on a date and after date one, you’re convinced that she’s your wife and two days later you’re already proposing marriage. Is that obsessive love or love?

In this article, we’re going to talk about obsessive love and it’s signs

1. IT’S TOO FAST: If you feel as though you are in love right when you first meet them. It’s not real love, It’s more likely an obsession love that formed really hard and fast. It can often be the love at first sight feeling, but it’s not real love.

2. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOU’RE IN LOVE: When someone asks you why you love them and you can’t even think of a reason, that’s a problem. You just feel the emotions of love so much, but you don’t even know why you love them. That’s a sign it’s obsessive love and not real love.

3. THEY ARE FLAWLESS IN YOUR EYES: Do they have any faults? When you have an obsessive love you just can’t possibly imagine that there’s anything wrong with them. You may notice that they have a fault but to you it’s not at all and you defend it as a positive trait. This is more than likely an obsessive love than real love if that’s the case.

4. YOU GO CRAZY WHEN YOU DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH THEM: I know everyone wants to talk to the person they love but only to a certain degree. If you can’t go a few hours without checking in or talking to them it may be a sign of an unhealthy obsessive love. If you feel a deep need to always be talking to them or always being around them it’s not real love.

5. YOU CHANGE YOURSELF TO ACCOMMODATE THEIR INTERESTS: If you completely change your life to fit the things they like it’s not real love. It is perfectly normal to want to try and get into something they enjoy just so you can understand it more, but when you are dropping your own hobbies to pick up theirs and that’s it., it’s obsessive love.

6. YOU’RE OVERLY JEALOUS OF EVERYTHING THEY LOVE: This can be a person or an inanimate object. If you find yourself wishing you could trash everything in their life that they love except you then it’s an obsessive love. Tbehaviourvior is really unhealthy and is not real love at all.


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