Public Breast feeding: Do You Think Its Appropriate?


Seeing women breastfeeding their babies in public is not a new thing. About 63% of women worldwide, had at one point, have breastfed their offspring in public, according to estimates. It’s not something every mother is quite okay with doing it in public, because of what people around would say.

It has caused a lot of fuss in different parts of the world. In some countries, it’s a non issue.

In the United States though, opinions are divided. Laws permitting breastfeeding in public have been passed by some states, while some others still see it as indecent. Some employees do not even allow it in their workplaces.

Canadian employees do not give nursing mothers breastfeeding breaks.

Coming down to Africa, it is neither new, nor uncommon. Infact, the only reason a woman is allowed to let a hungry baby cry, is if the baby doesn’t belong to her. Else, people around would chide her sternly to feed the child.

But because of advancement in technology and social media, it has gradually become an act frowned upon by some people.

Thing is, not every baby agrees with the rubber teats, even if the nursing mother expresses her milk into a plastic bottle. In cases like that, breastfeeding in public could be unavoidable.

What a lot of people frown at, is actually not the act itself, but the way some mothers go about it. Nursing a baby doesn’t necessarily translate to putting out all of your breasts for public viewing. You could find a semi private place, but if there’s none, some part of the breast could be covered with a piece of clothing, or better still, the mother can invest in under wears for nursing mothers.

The bottom line though is that mothers should not be berated for feeding their babies in public, because more often than not, it is a necessary thing.

Babies cannot be allowed to starve because of society, but mothers should also know how to go about it.



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