It’s become a very regular thing, to read the news and see stories about men raping young girls and even children. It’s starting to look like a normal occurrence in our society, and nobody seems to care, except those directly affected of course.

When most of them are caught, they either blame it on the devil or on their victim’s choice of dressing.

I love chocolates, but I cannot be passing by an unlocked and unguarded candy store with chocolates on display windows,then  stealthily help myself to some, because no one is watching. I’m quite certain that a good number of these rapists won’t either.So, why do they justify rape?

Granted,we are usually addressed the way we dress, but it can’t be an excuse for one to force themselves on their fellow human. It is a violation of human right. And it’s even more heartbreaking when a child is involved.

Rape is evil, and should not be encouraged, no matter the circumstances. Yeah, because some people are guilty of this. Saying things like, ‘She deserved it by wearing something skimpy’ or ‘She deserved it by going to a guy’s house.’

Slut shaming a rape victim, is another reason we hear different cases everyday. Several people are of the opinion that it’s only loose girls that get rape. The resulting stigmatization is what makes many victims unable to talk about their experiences, giving those that violated them the upper hand, and the temerity to keep forcing themselves on people.

Maybe when people stop giving excuses for rape, the rate at which this particular crime is being perpetuated will drastically reduce.

We have got to stop these unnecessary blame games and call a spade by its name. What is wrong is wrong.

Every opinion is welcome. Let’s know what you think.Thoughts?


  1. Father plz portact all women from evil from rape every little girls or growing up girl plz man of God pray for our women and girls to stray save in JESUS mighty name amen


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