Rapper Manifest Speaks On Beef With Sarkodie


Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has talked extensively about the much publicised beef between him and fellow Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.

M.anifest spoke about his strained relationship with Sarkodie as he told Multi TVs Mamavi that: “Nothing has changed. We were never best friends and whatever the relationship was before is still the same now.

“I think there was a bit of a conflict, philosophical differences being shared. I acknowledge things that go on [but] I just say I don’t feel the same way people feel towards these things. I don’t take it as world cup…when I feel something, I can express it, I express it through music and then I keep it moving.”

M.anifest also said that even though Sarkodie’s “Bossy” song may not have been directed at him, his response “godMC” was a direct reply to “Bossy” adding that he didn’t feel the need to respond to Sarkodie’s “Kanta” because the lyrics did not affect him.


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