ROAD TO RUSSIA: Which Of The Pot 1 Teams Is Ideal For Super Eagles?


On Friday, 1 December, the most important football date in the end-of-the-year calendar, the Super Eagles will know which teams they will be up against at the 2018 World Cup.

The draw for the most important global event of 2018 will be held in Moscow on Friday with 32 of the world’s best national teams and Nigerians, like the rest of the world, are eager to know who their team will be drawn against.

With the Super Eagles in Pot 4 for the draw, perceived to be where the weakest sides are, they are bound to draw a team each from the ‘stronger’ Pot 1, Pot 2 and Pot 3.

The strongest pot, which contains the highest ranked teams in the world as well as hosts Russia, is the one that has drawn the highest interest and caused the most consternation among fans of the rest of the countries involved.

Pot A contains superpowers Argentina, Germany, France and Brazil, as well as star-studded Belgium, dark horses Poland and ambitious hosts Russia plus European champions Portugal.

The Super Eagles can only draw one of these teams. Which one would you rather have? Regular customers Argentina, whom Nigeria have faced four times in the group stages and lost to each time by a one-goal margin? Brazil, Germany or Belgium whom Nigeria have never met at senior World Cup level? Poland who are basically on Nigeria’s level despite their high ranking? Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo? Or France who the Super Eagles narrowly lost to at the last World Cup?
Or Russia, which will give Nigeria the possibility of playing the opening game?


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