SHOCKER! Pregnant girl resurrects at her funeral in Warri


There was panic in a town in Warri, Delta state, as people were shocked to see a young girl resurrect from the dead on her burial day, Herald reports.

The girl who was alleged to have drunk a concoction in order to abort her pregnancy went into deep sleep, but after several attempts to wake her up they assumed her to be dead.

She was said to have died around 5am, and was wrapped in a mat then placed on the top of a suck away at Warri motor park.

Many people gathered together while she was been buried, as the men dug the grave so she was could be interred, she sneezed and woke up.

One of the witnesses said “when we got to the cemetery,  the workers there dug a grave for her burial. As the remains were laid into the grave and they were about covering it with sand,  the deceased sneezed and jumped out of the grave, then she started shouting.”

The girl was immediately  rushed to First Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Effurun near Warri for spiritual cleansing.


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