The COSON House To Be Commissioned May 20


In a few weeks, precisely on May 20, the ultra-modern COSON HOUSE will be commissioned in Lagos.

For this songwriter and singer turned intellectual property activist, we are not just talking about another building but the culmination of a life time of struggle, a dream come true.

Those who are close will understand the level of sacrifice and pain it has taken to get to a place where Copyright Society of Nigeria is working for otherwise hapless musicians across the nation and across the world and fighting their fights. Those who are close will tell you about the let downs and betrayals on every mile of this struggle.

COSON HOUSE probably would not be seen as a significant achievement in other professions and industries where access to resources is not so difficult and stable structures have existed over time.

Believe me, in the Nigerian creative sector ravaged by infighting and poor leadership, to assemble the consensus and drive the resources for such an undertaking is not ‘beans’.

It is instructive that we did not get one Naira from the federal government or any Nigerian government at all to finance COSON HOUSE.

Not one dollar came from a donor agency or any foreign institution, not even the Chinese who appear to be doling out money to build everything. We did not take a loan of any type from any bank.


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