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This is a write-up which everyone most especially the pursuance of success must read and please pass it on to another person and to groups.

Have you ever wondered why many people fail despite their knowledge on how to succeed?
Let me use a football team who came forth in the world cup competition as a typical example. Do you ever see it this way that, those who came forth always play the same number of matches with those that came first. But after doing and participating in all what they ought to do. They most time go home with nothing.
Does it really mean that those that fail don’t really know how to do it and does it mean that those who succeed knows how to do it?
Many people try and try but at the end they fail. Does it mean that this set of people are destined to be a failure? And some people has been having distinction and success in all their endeavor from their first trial. Does it mean this people are destined to succeed in life?
The answer to this is that no one is destined to be a failure and no one is born to fail. I have opportunity to interview some people after their failure and all they could say is they don’t just understand. Some will say I don’t they tried their best. Some even hide behind a finger that it is the work of their family witch or wizard but am telling you. If you can just please read this write up to the end then you will have one (if not many) thing(s) to gain.
The main difference between those that succeed and those that fail is that “Those who succeed do early what those who fail do late” you can imagine someone reading at the end of his final exam. And people will be like “Do you still have another exam?” majority of those that succeed does not wait for the arrival of the challenge before preparing for it.
Though working harder sometimes doesn’t guarantee success. Little wonder a scholar once said success does not come by struggling, because if it were to be struggling the truck pusher would have been the richest man.
Also, success doesn’t come by wishing and wanting to succeed little wonder the poor always wants and wish to become rich but couldn’t .
Though the aforementioned reasons is never a reason to succeed but there are some facts, some things we need to do in order to be a success. Let’s meet again for the second write-up on this broad topic *Success passcode*
I remain my humble self and always stand to be corrected.

Composed by: Ladejobi Blessing

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