You are Neither Here Nor There


A lot of people advocate abstinence; even go as far as judging people who engage in pre marital sex, but behind closed doors, they do the most.

They talk about saving themselves till marriage, but purity is thrown out the window. Every sexual act is experimented, except actual penetration.

People who do this are cognitively dissonant. Cognitive Dissonance is a situation where an individual holds two or more totally different/conflicting ideas, or beliefs and practice them simultaneously.

The Holy Books says that we cannot serve God and Mammon at the same time. It’s either one or the other. You’re either sexually active  or you’re not.

Abstinence means totally desisting from doing something. It’s hypocritical for one to say that they’re pro abstinence, meanwhile they engage in foreplay. It’s either hot or cold. Lukewarm is disgusting.

Now this post is not judging anyone. Just saying that we should strive to practice what we preach.

Standing on the fence leaves people wondering if you’re on your land or on that of your neighbour.

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