Zidane: Real Madrid as a group is above everything and everyone


If anyone was in any doubt that the needs of Real Madrid as a group comes before those of any individual, they’re certainly not now after Zinedine Zidane reminded his players of their responsibilities.By the same token, anyone that is found to be disruptive and could harm the equilibrium of the squad, will find their presence within it limited.”The group is above everything and everyone,” the Frenchman told his staff before the international break.Nothing has changed, the philosophy remains the same and the Frenchman and his technical staff will not tolerate any disruption.So far, the behaviour of most of the players has been exactly as the coach requires. Those who play have shown a total readiness, but the competition is progressing and the roles of others are becoming increasingly defined.Isco’s statements published in MARCA may have been assessed positively, but the reality is that the Spanish international will find it very difficult to get minutes and continuity in the club now. He is still being pursued by the likes of Juventus and Tottenham, who are waiting to see how events unfold.The case of James is very similar plus Mariano, despite what the Frenchman said last summer, hasn’t come anywhere close to the first XI.Real also have to deal with the possible sanction of FIFA meaning they could be unable to sign players in two transfer windows, but this will not be an excuse to keep anyone if the club feel their removal would be for the betterment of the group.


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