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Eviction Night Surprise: Big Brother ushers in new housemates


Eviction Night Surprise: Big Brother ushers in new housemates

Everyone expected it to be an eviction night, so viewers and even housemates were left with their mouths ajar when Big Brother brought in new housemates.

First housemate was Michael, an artist. He said the viewers should expect the unexpected from him. He says he does not like pretentious people, and insists you will never catch him fighting over girls, food and chores in Biggies’s house.

Michael’s introduction had the housemates looking bewildered as it was an eviction day so they weren’t expecting to see a new face/s.

The second new housemate to enter big brother house was Kayvee who is a photographer. Kayvee is self-anointed bad boy who reckons his diverse background will help him keep his head in the game. He says he is coming with positive vibes.

Jmk, Jumoke Adedoyin is the third newbie. She’s a lawyer. She says she is going to be as entertaining as possible.

There’s also Queen who makes it a total of four new housemates.


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