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Nobody arrested anyone for miracle money – Apostle Suleman’s lawyer


Nobody arrested anyone for miracle money – Apostle Suleman’s lawyer

Lawyer from Apostle Johnson Suleman’s legal team, Barrister Ugbabor Prince Ibomor, has debunked the claims made by a Youtuber, Israel Balogun’s lawyer who claimed his client was arrested over miracle money comments against the Senior Pastor and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman. Barr Ibomor described the claims by Balogun’s legal practitioner as pure lies and calculated attempt to mislead the general public about the main reasons for the Youtuber’s arrest, urging the general public not to be deceived into believing the lies.

He said the accused was arrested over defamation of character and cyberbullying against the person of Apostle Suleman and not over the comments he made concerning whatever he believes about miracle money.

Apostle Sulema’s lawyer who reminded that the purported video about miracle money was made in America while the defamation against the Apostle was done in Nigeria, said the youtuber called the Apostle many unprintable and derogatory names.

The statement reads thus:

“We would naturally not have responded to the drama being acted by someone who should be preparing for the courts. But deliberately misleading the public, unassuming mind and gullible thinkers is not only laughable but criminal.

In as much as countless people from different parts of the world are attesting to their belief of miracle money because they visibly experienced it, many have equally kicked against it. Many have done videos refuting its existence and no one was arrested or even questioned because it is their fundamental human rights to do so.

How come he is the only one arrested? Lawyers are trained to defend in court not chase clout on social media to get applauds from people who are not furnished with the case. Well, we are happy because any attachment to Apostle Suleman’s name is seen as a goldmine so some people will take advantage of it.

The case has not begun. It is beyond the Apostle now because it is a crime against the state. A magistrate Court in Yola just sentenced a businessman in Adamawa state to 30mths imprisonment for calling the state governor defamatory names. That is how much the Nigerian government is coming hard on defamation and cyberbullying.

All these lies flying are laughable. The letter written to the Inspector General is clear. It was cyberbullying.

Barr. Ibomor accused Isreal of calling Apostle Suleman different denigrating names and ‘Hushpuppi’s accomplice.

All we said to the police is that he should be invited to prove his claims. Why all these lies and fact twisting narratives? It is far from the truth and nobody should be fooled.”

Barr. Ibomor added thus:

“Defamation is a dual-nature legal transgression and is classified as a civil or criminal act.

Both the Criminal and Penal Codes are replete with provisions that border on criminal defamation.

For those who are interested, look up Sections 373 – 381 of the criminal code, Sections 291 – 295 of the penal code for criminal defamation as well as section 24 of the Cyber Crimes Act for the offence of cyber-stalking.

Besides that the law of criminal defamation is not often ventilated in the court does not mean that it does not exist.

Ridiculously, instead of Balogun’s lawyer to tell the public why his client was arrested and granted police bail, he is on a fruitless frolic to justify his client’s action in the social media. This alone is professional misconduct which shall be addressed at the legal practitioners’ disciplinary committee of the NBA.”


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