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My Brother Is In Trouble Over Failed Online Business Transaction.

My younger brother (half brother) and his wife believes so much in online investments. I called him and advised him seriously against such phantom businesses last year July but he didn’t take my advise. His wife even insulted me at a time because of the advise.

At that time he was into a particular one called Kala. He collected money from people to the tune of N9.6million in the name of trying to help them invest in Kala.

The investment went under and he is now using family members to pressurize me to assist him especially to secure a loan from a particular coop society I belong to so that he can pay off four of the people he help to invest who are seriously troubling his life with police and thugs.

I am not willing to do this under any condition. I have told him to sell off our late dad’s landed property if he can get a buyer but people are offering peanuts and two of our sisters (his own full sibs) are insisting on getting their own share immediately it is sold, one even said she didn’t send him on online investment.

. If he can get buyer for the property, I can help talk to our other siblings but these two, no way!

How can I help this stobborn brother without hurting myself?



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