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Fuel Subsidy, New Naira Note Deadline: This Is Why Tinubu Is Ahead

If Tinubu was a coward, he would not voice one bit about the implication of the kind of frenzy and panic some elements in the current government are trying to activate on Nigerians.

Before the presidential primaries, it was rumored that Malami was supporting Emefiele to clinch the presidential ticket, hence we can always say, since Abba Kyari who was the former owner of Emefiele, died, Malami has taken over in putting leash on his neck and directing him wherever he so will.

Nobody is against the new naira policy but question is, why didn’t they circulate the new notes since it was printed out in December? Why is it now that it’s just barely a week to the deadline that they’re trying to compel everyone to get it from the banks, when actually they’re yet to distribute enough to the banks?Why should they try to frustrate Nigerians, why should they cause unnecessary panic in the public?

There was no real fuel scarcity for the past 6 years, how come it’s starting now?

Now, Tinubu has shown that he’s ahead, confident and not a coward the more reason why he voiced out yesterday.

If it were some Lilly liver politician, he would remain muted while these elements make Nigerians angry at him, but now that he’s voiced out, expect this things to disappear in a few days.

The cabals (Malami and co) know quite well that should Tinubu be president, it’d not be business for them as it currently with Buhari, they’re scared and they probably striked a bargain with Atiku and they’re eager to work with him so they can have food on their table again.

Because you can see clearly how fast Atiku campaign team quickly replied back to Tinubu outburst. They never expected he would be bold enough to call out the cabal and they know quite well that with that outburst, their game plan is going down.

Don’t forget it was until he voiced out prior the primaries before Buhari’s cabal go down low, now he’s voiced out again and they’d have no option that to go down low.

Watch out!



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