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My Fiancee Jokingly Said She Will Separate Me And My Brother When We Get Married

My fiancee told my younger brother that she will send him out of my house if we get married. She was joking, but it didn’t sound like a joke to me.

Let me tell you how this started. My younger brother told my fiancee jokingly, that he will be sending her on errand anyhow, when she marries me. Although he went too far for saying he will be sending her on errand anyhow. But he has every right to send her on errand because he senior her. She then replied that if my brother do anyhow, when we get married she will ask me to send him away from my house. At this point I stop seeing the whole discussion as joke. I asked her to repeat what she said, she repeated it again (take note: she was saying everything jokingly)

I told her right away that if my brother comes visiting when we get married, she will not send him away. She said she will use her woman power to make me send him away.

She went further to ask me, that if they ask me now to choose between her and my brother who would I choose. I told her I would choose my brother (she could see the seriousness in me).

And I really meant it, any girl that will separate me and my brother will have to use jazz .

This my younger brother established the business that I am doing today. Has done countless number of things for me.

We don’t joke with each other, and she knows that.

So am really scared, could this be a joke ? even though it a joke. How can a woman joke that she will separate two brothers ?

please help a brother with your advice. is this a red flag ?



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