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My SpaceX Starlink Internet Experience In Lagos, Nigeria

Unreliable internet has always been an issue for me in Lagos.

The best Internet Service Providers use Fibre Optics but have very limited coverage areas. So when I heard Starlink would be rolling out their Low Orbit internet service in Africa, It Immediately piqued my Interest.

I made a preorder for the service in May of 2021 with a refundable deposit of $99. I did this due to the projected rollout of the service by the end of 2021.

I did not get any update from Starlink until early december of 2022.

I was told to pay up a balance of $501 so my exquipment would be shipped.8 days after making full payment, my Starlink Equipment was delivered to me by DHL.

It is a plug and play device that is easy to install by following very simple steps on the manual.

I mounted the dish on my compound, at a postion with good sky visibility and the device connected to an available Satellite within a few minutes.

My Internet experience is now the best I have ever had it, here in Nigeria.

Total cost of Equipment $600Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Internet $43

God Bless Elon Musk

God Bless SpaceX/Starlink

God Bless Nigeria



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