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The majority of women offering advice on May have miserable homes, according to Yul Edochie



According to his father-in-law Pete Edochie, the majority of the women counseling May Edochie, the actor Yul’s first wife, had miserable families.

In an exclusive interview, he spoke with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

It was the first time he had addressed the marital conflict between his wife and their youngest son, Yul, in public.

After 18 years with May, with whom he has three children after the passing of their first son in March 2023, Yul has been in the center of the controversy since April 2022, garnering attention on a number of social media platforms due to his decision to marry a second time.

The legendary actor shared his thoughts on his son’s second marriage, saying that no one in the family had any idea that it was going to happen.

He included an Igbo proverb illustrating the results of his supposed protege’s behavior while indicating that, like his other sons, he doesn’t meddle in Yul’s affairs.

First off, Yul is 41 and I don’t meddle with his personal matters.

“All of a sudden, we heard that he had married a second time. Yes, we did just that.

‘If you go and pick up ant-infested firewood, it’s a clear invitation for the lizards to come to roost, right?,’ is a saying we always use in Igbo. I’m just here, that’s all.

The patriarch of the Edochie family handed Yul off to his first wife, Mary, whom he adored.

He claimed Mary, who is unknown to most people, is a computer whiz and a very smart woman.

The septuagenarian also credited her with a significant portion of the Yul Edochie family’s prosperity, but he was discouraged by the fact that, given their marriage’s current difficulty, it was challenging to persuade her that he wasn’t a party to his choice.

Mary is not only a daughter-in-law, Ebubedike, as he is affectionately known, said. I don’t want to imply that I love Mary more than the other sons’ wives, but why is my affection for Mary so great? My father and I had a tight relationship.

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