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BBNaija viewers are not satisfied with the jury-style eviction process that has twice protected Seyi.



On the social media site X, some viewers vented their displeasure and expressed outright disapproval of the jury’s eviction procedure, while others charged the jury of prejudice in their verdicts.

The jury’s method of eviction on the “All Stars” version of Big Brother Naija has been criticized by viewers, who claim it does not accurately represent their preferences.

On the social networking site X, which was formerly known as Twitter, the viewers voiced their displeasure and demanded an explanation from the organizers regarding why the voting mechanism was not used in the “All Stars” edition.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), viewers would typically vote on a housemate who may be evicted after housemates had visited the Diary Room to submit their nominations.

However, this year’s eviction is unique in that a jury made up of three former housemates is called to discuss and select which roommate will be saved or kicked out.

Princess was kicked out the program at the first eviction, which had Bisola, Dorathy, and Mike on the jury, when it was discovered that Seyi had received the fewest votes.

Diane, Teddy A., and Laycon served on the jury for the second eviction. In the end, Uriel was kicked out, and the polls once more showed that Seyi would have been kicked out if the organizers had used the polls, since he received the fewest votes.

While some viewers expressed disapproval with the jury’s eviction process, others charged the jury of prejudice in their verdicts.

“Uriel’s eviction will probably be the only BBN eviction that hit this hard,” stated @ixora_flourish.

What exactly is Seyi doing there, anyway? Voting for one’s favorite show is unfair because, in the end, the decision is made by individuals who most likely don’t even watch the show.

“This eviction is the most annoying of them all, this is pure wicked(sic),” said @JulyCrush_.That is, it’s not giving. They’ve sent Uriel home and saved Seyi for the second time. What’s the purpose of voting anyway?

thebrand @On the basis of their previous rulings, Oma further charged that the jury had not watched the show.

“An All-Star season should never be the subject of this eviction jury. Instead of letting someone who doesn’t watch the show select who gets eliminated, let it be a social experiment where their fans vote to determine who is still a star. He stated, “This approach should be for 100L bbn.”

“This is the most fixed up eviction process in the history of BBN because how can someone who has had the lowest votes for two eviction Sundays still be in the house all in the name of Jury?” tweeted @iamjennabby with the hashtag #letourvotescount.

So why do we cast ballots? I hope this jury process ends soon.

Joachim Okhai denounced the BBN jury’s expulsion procedure as well, pointing out that it was subject to other factors such as tribalism.

“BBN ought to do away with the jury component of the eviction procedure. This is hurting BBN’s reputation and brand,” he declared.

stated @LObserver “This life, dey for who dey for you, seyi is friendly with housemates in and out, if it’s by normal nomination he won’t be up for eviction, and he’s the only one that has been put up twice in the house, lucky guy,” the speaker said, blaming BBN rather than the jury.

NAN remembers that Uriel had previously informed Big Brother in her journal session that she would refuse being kicked out of the house. “I pray it’s not me because you’ll need 25 ninjas to carry me out,” she remarked.

“I refuse to go. In the history of BBN, I will be the first housemate to turn down eviction. Not my share.

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