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‘BBNaija All Stars’ Neo feels deceived by Alex.



In this family, friendships are on the verge of disintegrating.

Neo interprets Alex’s behavior as part of a scheme to pit Adekunle against him on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

On Tuesday, August 14, 2023, Neo gave Big Brother an explanation for his previous day’s outburst towards Alex during a journal session. It appears that he had no cause to harbor resentment toward Adekunle throughout the HOH games, but Alex stoked tensions by lying to both of them about an important detail regarding a laundry incident. The argument between Adekunle and Neo turned into a drama involving Adekunle and Pere as well.

Neo reportedly lost his cool two days earlier when Adekunle and he argued about where to put their clothing in the washing machine. “Alex was there and saw me flaring up for that reason,” he claimed. After my departure, I was unaware that Alex had discussed the event with Adekunle and they had reached a mutual understanding regarding the circumstances. You now saw that I had lost it on this individual, and at the very moment that you could have acted as a go-between to get me to apologize, she chose not to do so. He brought up the matter once more yesterday following the HOH games. He called Alex, who was meant to act as the intermediary, but Alex declined to participate in the discussion. I found out afterwards that she had concluded something I was unaware of.”

He went on to say that he had made up with Adekunle when he had met with him the day before, but he felt awful about the way Alex handled things. He stated, “Alex could have said anything to make that situation much more fluid, but she chose not to. She would have rather that Adekunle and I butted heads. Since she was meant to be my friend, I felt terrible.

It would be good to know if he ended his rivalry with Venita as part of his reconciliation with Adekunle. Furthermore, it seems that his alliance with Pere, who harbors resentment for Adekunle, is coming to an end.

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