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‘BBNaija All Stars’ Ike and Soma are given strikes for interfering with Ilebaye and Angel.



All have seen the revelation of secrets.

Some housemates were shocked to learn that Ike was the person they had been looking for on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Big Brother spoke out tonight regarding the person(s) responsible for the vandalism of Ilebaye’s belongings. Biggie presented the videos that showed Ike dumping Ilebaye’s belongings into the bathroom, the guys meeting to make sure Ilebaye gets provoked, and Venita and Seyi’s presence during Ike’s act to all of the housemates gathered in the lounge.

Ike received a one-strike punishment for provocating and goading Ilebaye by defacing his personal belongings. If he makes it through Sunday’s eviction, he will also receive another penalty the following week.

Big Brother also addressed Soma’s fight with Angel during Thursday’s pool party, so Ike wasn’t the only one dealt a blow. Angel was spotted resisting Soma’s advances and tugging her along as she insisted on not wanting to chat.

In the playback, Soma could also be seen pointing at the camera with her finger. Kiddwaya received a strike for the identical offense in his prior season. Because of her disregard towards Big Brother and her harassing of a fellow housemate, Soma was given a strike. If he survives the eviction, his punishment will likewise be administered the following week.

Big Brother concluded on a surprising note when he disclosed that a housemate may be kicked out if they pose a risk to other housemates and that receiving three strikes is not a requirement for expulsion.

This fresh information upends the status quo and casts doubt on the Big Brother All Stars show’s guiding principles.

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