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FG opens a solar-powered UNN spot for charging electric cars.



The development of domesticated human capital and the transmission of advanced technologies will remain priorities for the council, according to the director-general.

At the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), the Federal Government has opened a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station.

During the inauguration on Friday, Jelani Aliyu, the Director-General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), expressed the organization’s dedication to advancing technology in the automotive sector.

According to Aliyu, this will lessen the number of fossil fuel-powered cars that damage the environment and cause global warming.

Due to the negative impacts of climate change and global warming on human health as well as environmental pollution, several nations are switching from fossil fuel-powered to electric vehicle fleets.

This explains the government’s sponsorship of NADDC, an organization under the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, to construct solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations across the nation.

“This will guarantee that there is no carbon emission in our surroundings and lessen the health issues that are related to it,” he stated.

Aliyu stated that the three universities chosen for the pilot project were University of Lagos, University of Nigeria, and Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He was speaking on behalf of Olanrewaju Omusanya, the Director of Infrastructures at NADDC.

“We are launching the University of Nigeria, Nsukka today, following the 2021 openings of the Usman Danfodiyo University in Sokoto and the University of Lagos.

“By encouraging additional research and development for this project, the automotive council encourages universities across the nation to take advantage of this opportunity,” he stated.

The development of domesticated human capital and the transmission of advanced technologies will remain priorities for the council, according to the director-general.

The solar-powered charging station is anticipated to provide employees and students with first-hand knowledge of mobility and renewable energy sources.

An electric car that has been fully charged at this station will go 480 kilometers before stopping.

“There is a continuous global shift occurring from gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles,” he stated.

He praised the management team and UNN Vice-Chancellor Prof. Charles Igwe for their unwavering collaboration in seeing the project through to completion and launch.

Igwe thanked the NADDC in his remarks for designating UNN as one of the nation’s pilot universities for the project.

He declared that UNN would keep striving to be the top university in the nation.

The UNN faculty of engineering was pushed by the vice chancellor to see to it that a large number of the university’s automobiles were converted to electric models.

Since there are now solar-powered charging stations for electric cars, our university’s engineers ought to take advantage of this and switch to electric cars in order to save money on gasoline and diesel purchases.

Igwe stated, “The university is appreciative of the government for selecting UNN as one of the pilot universities in this historic project.”

The project coordinator at UNN, Prof. Ozomena Ani, expressed gratitude to the vice chancellor for authorizing the project and giving him permission to oversee it within the university.

Engineer Ani, who teaches at UNN’s Faculty of Engineering, promised that his research group will see to the project’s upkeep.

Prior to this, Prof. Emenike Ejiogu, the dean of the UNN college of engineering, stated that the faculty would keep providing the necessary number of engineers, as represented by Prof. Sunday Ezeoha.

“The faculty is pleased with the NADDC solar power charging electric station’s location within our faculty, and we will make sure the project benefits the university community as well as other residents,” Ejiogu stated.

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