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‘BBNaija All Stars’ misogynist rant gets Seyi in hot water.



He is being ridiculed online for making yet another contentious comment.

On Big Brother Naija All Stars, Seyi disclosed the contentious lessons he plans to teach his sons about treating other people’s daughters.

After last night’s rave, he revealed his intentions in an unexpected conversation with Whitemoney and Soma.

“I get shino account for my son, miscellaneous account,” he said. I take that account for my son, the son of my guy. I’ll provide them the guest house keys, and they can go hit on people’s daughters.”

Throughout the talk, he continued to assert that his remarks were being made for legitimate reasons rather than as a result of his alcohol consumption.

This claim, together with the fact that Seyi avoided eviction twice despite receiving the fewest votes each time, have caused a stir on the internet. Many people have labeled him as a sexist and said that his remarks encourage violence against women.

Celebrities and former BBNaija housemates who have previously praised and encouraged him have started to turn away from him. The initial jury panel that prevented Seyi from being expelled, which included Mike Edwards and Dorathy Bachor, has publicly condemned his remarks on Twitter.

Seyi’s remarks on BBNaija All Stars have also been denounced by the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA Lagos), which regards them as detrimental characteristics that further the violence and abuse culture.

Bystanders who support such persistent behaviors, such as Whitemoney and Soma, are likewise criticized and held accountable.

Seyi’s team has not yet commented on the circumstances behind their client’s statement. Supporters and onlookers have said that the only thing stopping Seyi from being evicted tonight would be a miracle.

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