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PRP warns ECOWAS and Tinubu against taking military intervention in Niger



The PRP stated that communication and diplomacy should be used to end the current conflicts between Nigeria and the Niger Republic since they were preventable.

In light of the recent coup in the Niger Republic, the Peoples’ Redemption Party (PRP) has urged President Bola Tinubu and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to refrain from declaring war on the country.

The party’s stance was announced in an Abuja statement by Alhaji Falalu Bello, National Chairman of the organization.

The party saw going to war as “not in the interests of Nigeria, Niger, and ECOWAS,” according to the statement.

“A war could spread violence and instability to other countries in the West African subregion, destabilizing the entire Sahelian region.”

The two nations have good connections and are very good neighbors. They are also economically, culturally, and geographically connected.

If these centuries-old relationships are ruined, it will be awful. Nigeria depends on Niger for some items, and the Niger Republic depends on Nigeria for commerce and investment.

“This economic interdependence would be disrupted and both countries would suffer from a war.”

The recent conflicts between Nigeria and the Niger Republic, according to the statement, were preventable and ought to be settled by negotiation and diplomacy.

The PRP fervently begs President Tinubu, in his capacity as current ECOWAS Chairman, to use moderation and refrain from taking any action that would spark a conflict in order to carefully pursue conversation and diplomacy in order to resolve the saga in the Republic of Niger.

“We implore President Tinubu to concentrate on tackling the issues that Nigerians face, including as unemployment, acute poverty, and insecurity.

The statement went on, “The PRP is still optimistic that Nigeria and the ECOWAS will use dialogue and nonviolent means to resolve the outstanding issue with the Niger Republic.”

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