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30 Ambrose Alli University students took exams and graduated while living abroad.



According to the administration of Edo State Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, at least 30 students passed exams and graduated from the school while living outside Nigeria in the last two years.

Mr. Austin Osakue, a member of the university’s Special Intervention Team (SIT), revealed this last weekend when submitting the SIT’s progress report to Governor Godwin Obaseki at the Government House in Benin City, the state capital.

The school’s administration also fired five employees, while 21 others are being investigated for various criminal offenses.

According to Osakue, the staff members were fired by the school’s Disciplinary Committee.

Osakue, who requested the state government to form a Governing Council and begin the process of recruiting principal officials for the school, stated that the SIT’s efforts thus far will not be recognized unless the school’s enabling laws are reviewed.

According to a statement published by the governor’s media adviser, Crusoe Osagie, the school followed the Edo State Government’s direction and began the contributory pension program on August 1, 2023.

According to Osakue, the school revealed “over 30 cases of AAU students living abroad for at least two years, taking exams, and graduating.”

The staff members and heads of departments implicated, he claims, have been handed over to the secret police, the Department of State Services, and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission for further investigation and prosecution.

In his reaction, Governor Godwin Obaseki reiterated his government’s resolve to recovering the Institution’s lost glory, preparing the tertiary institution for EdoBEST kids who will be ready to enter the school in roughly five to six years.

“We need to clear this school due to the educational reforms we have implemented because our EdoBEST students will be ready for university in about five to six years and cannot attend a university whose standard is lower than where they are coming from.”

“A few people have held the Institution hostage; we are prepared to fight and destroy it.” If you are a lecturer who has examined students and has findings but has failed to present them, you should not expect a payment because you have not done your work, and if you want to go on strike again, we are ready for you.

“It will take a fight to transform this institution for the new students.” All of these reforms and sustainability must be grounded on the new reformed law, which we will propose to the Edo House of Assembly at the end of the month for quick passage,” Obaseki added.

The Governor also stated that the hunt for Governing Council members will begin immediately, adding, “We will not want to bring in people into the Governing Council without the law in place.”

“The Assembly members are here to be a part of this event so that you can understand the context of this issue because they will still come to meet you.”

“Political interference has brought the school to its current position.” We are suggesting that it is time to reform because we cannot run a university in this manner because students will fall behind. We must transform it into a world-class institution that we can all be proud of. Only with good institutions can you be certain of development.”

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